Fresh Start?

Fresh Start?

Happy New Year!!!!!

I don’t generally make New Year’s resolutions.  There is something about the whole idea that makes me feel like they are just doomed to fail.  Why wait until January 1st?  Shouldn’t we be setting and tracking our goals all year long?  Maybe I’m just afraid to be another cliche case of failed new year’s resolutions. 

I do like to put pen to paper around the new year and hash out some goals. Ross and I will have a family planning “summit” sometime in January to go over the prior year’s finances and to discuss things we want to accomplish in 2013. This is a good time for us to also discuss non-financial goals that we might have.  Last year I kept my typed up list in the front of my home management binder, thinking that it would be in my face and force me to follow through.  That theory wasn’t a very good one.  Normally I flip right past it without a glance.  Where I’ve failed is in the monitoring.  I need to take those big goals and divide them into smaller chunks throughout the year.  I know this. But, when I do haphazardly sketch out a daily or weekly to-do list it usually looks something like:  wash dishes, get some work done, take a shower, plan meals, grocery shop.  These tedious things that are never ending seem to clutter up my list and it’s so hard to find time for the “extra” stuff.  Clearly time management improvement needs to be on my 2013 list.

I did knock a couple things off my 2012 goal list though.  Starting this blog and establishing the kids’ college funds were big ones.  Re-financing our house and our rental property with 15 year loans was another.  Some of the misses were to lose 20 pounds, complete a 30 day raw cleanse, and to instate a weekly no-media family night at home (this one doesn’t sound that hard, right?).  I haven’t made a goal list for 2013 yet, but I’m going to get going on one soon.  My first 2013 goal is to make a list of goals! 

If I start dreaming big my goals look like…….

Woman practicing Bridge Position Yoga on the beach


Fresh Vegetables and Fruits


Woman Doing a Pull-Up

You know……simple stuff.  ;)

Hopefully by mid-late January I can have a refined list of realistic and manageable goals hashed out, and I’ll share them on here when I do.  Will that help me stick to them??  We’ll see.

The first breakfast of the New Year was a potato pancake made from the New Year’s Eve leftover mashed potatoes, which was mixed with some egg, flour, and cheese. That’s a dollop of sour cream on the top.  If I had any more of that delicious jalapeno yogurt left I would have used that.  A trip to Costco is in order. 

The rest of the meal was protein packed with over-hard eggs and a slice of leftover corned beef.  Rio and I shared this feast.  Rio didn’t like the potato pancake though.  I’ll admit, they were just ok….not great.

Corned Beef, Eggs, and Potato Pancake

1.5 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 112

After breakfast we packed the kids up in the new bike trailer and went over to a playground in one of our neighboring communities.  I think we rode about 3 miles total.  I would say it was a success, but Rio seemed uncomfortable the whole time.  Nick was pretty much squishing her because they don’t fit in it all that well even though it’s supposed to hold two kids.  Also, it seemed like she couldn’t rest her head back with the helmet on.  Maybe I need to get her one of those seats that goes on the bike and only have Nick in the trailer.  I don’t know. 

I didn’t really eat a lunch so much as I snacked throughout the afternoon.  I had green beans, a cutie (clementine), some babybel cheese, the crusts from Nick’s PBJ, and the last half-piece of Sees candy that was left from Christmas.  (Yes, I leave halves in the box sometimes!)

For dinner we had Omaha Steaks hamburger patties (with cheese) and a colorful salad with light honey mustard dressing.  Nick snatched 3 of these strawberries from the plate before Rio and I could even get to them.  :)   Rio and I ate this patty and then we had another one without cheese.  They were cooked on the stove with the Omaha Steak seasoning that came with them, and were pretty tasty.

 Hamburger Patty, Salad, and Strawberries

1 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 97   Yeah!

I had a little bit of ice cream for my night time snack, along with some salami slices.  Weird combo!  I didn’t eat them at exactly the same time if that makes it seem less gross.  :D

We finished off the night watching some more Game of Thrones while I dd some work and we sipped on decaf chai lattes.  Yum!

Ok pals.  I hope the New Year started off great for everyone.  Cheers!