I was so tired last night and just couldn’t make myself stay up to post, so I decided to post yesterday’s events with today’s.

So….this was Wednesday:

The fridge is looking a little bare again since we’re headed out of town for Friday and Saturday.  I sliced up a little bit of pastrami deli meat and scrambled it up with eggs.  Whole wheat toast provided the carbs.  This wasn’t my best picture of the plate, but it made me laugh because Rio snuck in the back trying to get her paws on the food, as usual.  She’s my little chow hound!

Scrambled Eggs with Pastrami & Toast

Where’s the grub mom??

1 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 125 (goal 140)

As I mentioned on Tuesday, the granite was installed on our new cabinets.  Here are a few pictures.  Our friend Jim is building some bookshelves to be installed on top of this.  This area of the great room is supposed to be the “formal dining space” but we are eat in the kitchen type people, so we would never use it that way.  Plus, I think it would look a little strange.

Cabinets with Granite Top

Don’t look at the unmade bed in the back!!

Here is a close up of the top.  It’s a gold-ish and black/brown combo.

Granite Top Close Up

These are the door and drawer knobs that I picked up at World Market.  Aren’t they cute?

Close up of Door Knobs

After breakfast I had to rush the kids out to daycare because I had a Dr. appointment with a new general practitioner.  I’ve never had a general practitioner as a primary doctor (as an adult) because I’ve never had to with my type of insurance, and if I have the flu or something like that I usually head to an urgent care.  I’ve been wanting to get established with a general doctor for a while because I’ve never had my cholesterol tested, and I’ve been wanting to have some oversight for my pre-diabetes.  While I was pregnant my gestational diabetes was closely monitored by my perinatologist as well as my OBGYN, but then when Rio was born that all stopped.

My new doctor is a very nice woman and she wants to monitor my A1C every 6 months, or 3 months if the first one comes back really bad (I’m not sure what her cutoff for “bad” is).  The A1C is a blood test that measures your average blood sugar over the prior 3 months.  I believe that a result of 6.5% or higher would result in a diabetes diagnosis.  Pre-diabetes is considered to be 5.7% – 6.4%. Anything below 5.7% down to 4.5% would be normal.  I can’t make it to the lab until next week and then it will take a few business days to get the results, so I likely won’t know my % until the week after next.  I’m also having some standard “check-up” blood work done.  I’m crossing my fingers that nothing unexpected comes up!

I came back home for lunch and had pastrami (again!) on whole wheat with lettuce, mayo, and mustard with a small bowl of raspberries, blueberries, and grapes.  Pastrami was pretty much the only easy option in the fridge, so it made a repeat appearance on my menu.  :)

I’ll show you some of my new found camera knowledge.  This is the picture that I took in the auto mode.  Notice that the bowl of berries  is quite fuzzy.  These berries are too pretty to be ignored, so normally I would have taken a separate picture of them.  Not anymore!

Sandwich and Berries - Auto Mode

In this picture, by increasing the aperture setting I was able to get sharp focus going all the way through the picture.  However, I don’t like the black chair legs in the back, so I wanted to try and blur them.

Sandwich and Berries - Sharp Throughout

Success!  They are not as blurry as I would have liked, but there is definite blur there!  My berries got a tab blurry here too, but I deemed it good enough and got on with the eating!

Sandwich and Berries - Blurry Chair

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 132 (goal 120)  Wowza!  This was much higher than I was expecting.  Maybe these berries were just too sweet to be combined with 2 slices of bread, or perhaps I didn’t have enough protein to counter balance the carbs.  Whoops!  :(

Being Wednesday, I got my Nature’s Garden Delivered box left at my doorstep.  This was a good box with a lot of kiwis, apples pears and bananas, plus some potatoes, bok choy, lettuce, spinach, radishes, and one lone onion.

Nature's Garden Delivered Box Contents

I didn’t have time for an afternoon snack because Ross and I headed out for an early dinner at Fleming’s Steakhouse.  We had a $50 coupon from American Express that we wanted to use.  We still spent over $100 (with no alcohol!!) but it was a delicious dinner.  I had the porcini rubbed fillet with a gorgonzola sauce and Ross had the bone-in ribeye.  We ordered their house potatoes which were sort of a scalloped potato, but basically swimming in a cheesy sauce, and the creamed spinach. We also shared a caprese salad that was to die for.  I could have eaten a big plate of it for my dinner.  I think it was the balsamic reduction that put it over the top.  I was too self conscious to take a picture because there were a lot of people and it was a very nice place, so I didn’t get any shots.  :(   You’ll just have to go on my word.  It was awesome.  Not healthy, but awesome.

After dinner we headed to the theatre to watch Skyfall.  Ross didn’t like it much, but I thought it was fine.  I’m not that hard to please when it comes to movies though.  I’m not a good critic.   I didn’t take my sugar testing kit to the movies with me, so the world will never know how un-awesome this meal was for my blood sugar.

I was almost falling asleep in the theatre and on the way home, so I tried to get into bed ASAP, but Nick was having a hard time getting to sleep and he kept getting out of his bed.  That boy was driving me nuts!   I got revenge this morning by letting Squirty and Rio wake him up.  (It was about 8:30 – I’m not super mean!)

Now we’re up to today – Thursday

I remembered that we had some leftover whole wheat blueberry pancakes in the freezer from T-Day weekend, so we had those with some eggs.  I was impatient taking a picture and didn’t get a very good one.  The pancakes look more like sausages.  They did have a dark-ish brown crust to them, but were not burnt like they look!

Eggs and Blueberry Pancakes

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 118

This morning flew by between work and picking up the house to get ready for our house cleaner to come by in the afternoon.  I didn’t have a morning snack.  For lunch I was racking my brain for something non-pastrami based to make and I found some turkey meatballs in the freezer along with some hot dog buns.  Normally when I make meatball sandwiches I use marinara but I didn’t have any.  I remembered a meatball sandwich that Ross used to order at Gino’s in Santa Barbara which had a ranch-type dressing on it, so I decided to roll with it and made these ranch/meatball/mozzarella sandwiches.  Luckily I had a bunch of fresh mozzarella on had.  I had mine open-face to save on the carbs.  Crystal light washed it all down.  These were pretty big meatballs.  I took 4 and cut them in half to make this and I was full!

I was going to make side salads.  I actually had the lettuce washed, chopped, and in bowls, but then I realized I had no other salad veggies and I didn’t want to have berries on it after yesterday’s lunch debacle, so I put it away for another day.

Open Face Meatball Sandwich with Mozzerella & Crystal Light

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 108

Squirty had a vet appointment which took up a chunk of my afternoon.  When I got home I wanted to have a snack, but our cleaner was in the kitchen and I didn’t want to get in her way.  No snack for me!

On the way home from picking up the kids the sunset was so pretty!  I tried to get a picture when we got home, but I missed most of it.

For dinner I was planning to make Sesame Shrimp from Saving Dinner the Low Carb Way, but I had some tilapia that I needed to cook, so I made the same recipe but with the tilapia instead of the shrimp.  I also doubled the sauce.  It was made of fresh green beans, mushrooms, green onions, and a sauce made of soy sauce, sesame oil and a bit of brown sugar.  We had this over some brown jasmine rice.  It was yummy!

We took a nice long walk around the neighborhood after dinner.  Many of our neighbors already have Christmas lights up, so Nick had fun looking at them.  Then I started going through our closets looking for some warm clothes.  Tomorrow night we are taking the kids to the North Pole Experience in Flagstaff.  It’s going to be cold!  This is our first time, so I don’t know exactly what to expect, but I hope the kids love it!

I have to admit that I forked a few bites of ice cream right out of the carton as part of my night time snack, and I just had some almonds as my protein.   Ross and I are watching Sons of Anarchy right now and then I’m going to try to get organized for tomorrow.