Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

Poor Ross had to wake up this morning at about 5am to get on the phone with a client.  The upside for me was that when he was done he was hungry so he ventured out and brought back sausage egg McMuffins for the whole clan.  I usually love sausage egg McMuffins, but this one was just ok.  It was a little on the burnt side.  :/  These are usually ok for my blood sugar, although not the healthiest breakfast for sure!  I think the high fat content slows down the absorption of the carbs which is why I don’t get a big spike from them.

Sausage McMuffin with Egg

1 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 132 (goal 140)

After breakfast I had to take Rio down to a lab to get a routine blood test (for lead I think?), and my little girl was so tough.  I thought she was going to be screaming and kicking like she does when she gets shots, but she didn’t.  When the needle went in she just looked at it for a second and then looked up with this little sad face and started to cry a little bit, but by that time they were mostly done taking the blood.  I was so proud of her!

I got back too late to have a morning snack, so I just got a little work done and then had lunch.  The chicken salad I got the other day from Costco needed to be finished, so I had a sandwich on whole grain bread (24g), and some red grapes.  This sandwich was a little boring with no lettuce or tomato.  I went easy on purchasing produce at the store yesterday because I am expecting my Nature’s Garden Delivered box tomorrow morning.  Also, we will be out of town on Friday and Saturday, so I didn’t want to over-buy and have anything going bad.

Chicken Salad Sandwich with Red Grapes

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 128

Jim continued to work on installing our cabinets this afternoon.  Here is a picture before the granite went on.  It’s on now, but I will wait until tomorrow to take a picture when the light is better.

Back Wall with Cabinets Installed - No Top

I had to leave the house at about 3pm to head over to Scottsdale for the photography class I was taking.  The class started at 5 and I wanted to eat before I went in.  The photo shop was right downtown, so I just parked there and found a mexican food place right across the street called Frank & Lupe’s Old Mexico.  It had the cutest little patio area in the back.

Frank & Lupe's Patio

Of course I ordered a big diet coke to power me through the photo class, and I received this basket of chips and salsa.  I had a few chips.  The salsa was very yummy but was on the hot side for me.

Chips and Salsa at Frank & Lupe's

I ordered a chicken mole dish called Holy Mole.  LOL!  It was good, but Ross’ sister-in-law makes the best mole that I’ve ever tasted, so it couldn’t really compare to that.  I took it easy on the rice and tortillas, but they had those wonderful homemade, thin, stretchy, delicious flour tortillas, so I had to eat a small one.

Holy Mole at Frank & Lupe's

I didn’t want to test my sugar during the class, so I didn’t even bring my kit with me.

The first part of the photo class was in the camera shop, and then we went on a walk around downtown Scottsdale and practiced using some of the modes and settings that we learned about.  It was dark out, so we mostly practiced with night mode and tweaking the shutter speed.

Here are some of the pictures I took:

Night Tour First Fountain

Night Tour Horse

Night Tour Restaurant

Night Tour Bridge and Tower

This one was on a tripod with a really long shutter opening, so that is why the background images are crisp and the floating snowflake candle things are blurry.  They were moving around on the water.

Night Tour Floating Snowflakes

Night Tour Second Fountain

The class was really fun and I learned a few things.  I got a few raised eyebrows when I kept asking about how to take pictures of food.  :)   We’ll have to see if my pictures get any better from here on out.

I came home hungry since I had dinner so early and I had a larger than usual night time snack.  I had the last of the chicken salad and the last of the T-Day sweet potatoes.  That’s 2 tupperware containers out of the fridge.  Yeah!

Goodnight everyone!