Riding the (alphabet) Train

Riding the (alphabet) Train

Calvin Trillin, often described as “America’s funniest food writer” once said:

“The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for 30 years, she served the family nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found.”

I feel like I could be his mother with all the leftovers we eat around here!

For breakfast I diced up the leftover onions and peppers, and one sausage from Sunday afternoon’s grilling session.  These (of course) were scrambled into some eggs & beaters. Whole grain toast and a sugar free mocha (splenda, half & half, coffee, & cocoa) topped it off.

Eggs with Onions, Peppers, and Sausage with Toast

1.5 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 101

It was a little cloudy today but still unusually warm.  I think the high was somewhere in the high 70s again. We took Squirty for a walk around lunchtime and it was hot when the sun was on us.  The sun here is so brutal.  I am ready for some fall weather please!!!

Ross and I ate lunch on the patio (in the shade.) I had a turkey and cheddar sandwich on whole grain bread with mayo, mustard, and lettuce.  I also had some of the spinach salad leftover from last night’s potluck. I didn’t want to use the sugary dressing, so I drizzled it with a little balsamic instead.  The best thing about this salad is the nuts and cranberries!

Turkey and Cheese Sandwich with Cranberry Spinach Salad

1.5 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 117

I intended to clean the house this afternoon, but I was a little busier with work than I thought I would be, so guess what didn’t happen.  :)

I had a dinner plan at least!

A lovely caprese salad using basil from our garden, fresh mozzarella, and a balsamic reduction.

Caprese Salad

Ross hates it when I cook vinegar because of the smell, but this sauce really makes the salad!   Yum-O!

We also had buffalo chicken breasts from Saving Dinner the Low Carb Way, coleslaw, and celery sticks.  I made a dipping sauce of ranch mixed with Tapatio.  The chicken was cooked in a little butter and Tapatio, but it wasn’t super spicy.  The recipe called for Tabasco, but I never keep it on hand.  The coleslaw was made using mayo and a little bit of splenda.  The kids don’t eat it, otherwise I would have just bitten the bullet and used sugar.  I try not to give them splenda.  Sugar…..splenda…..I don’t know what’s worse!

Buffalo Chicken Breast, Coleslaw, and Celery

1 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 90  :)   :)

After dinner shenanigans included Nick pulling Rio around on the alphabet train.

Nick Pulling Rio on Alphabet Train

I was sure this was going to result in a serious injury, but we only had one incident where Rio’s leg got stuck on the island corner. She survived!

Nick Pulling Rio on Alphabet Train

When Rio went to bed Nick and I made some dip with one small tub of greek vanilla yogurt, 2 TB of peanut butter, 1/2 TB honey, and 1/8 tsp cinnamon.  Nick loves this dip.  We had it with apple slices, and then a few graham crackers.

Nick Eating Apples and Dip

Then we started making little apple/cracker sandwiches!  Delish!

Apple Slice and Dip on Graham Cracker

Ok, we are watching Sons of Anarchy as I type this, and I just have to say this season is so gross!  I almost don’t want to watch it anymore.  It is so violent!  But there is always some hook at the end that keeps me interested, so I guess I’ll stay tuned.  They got me again tonight!

Goodnight folks!