Remind Me To Never Eat At Arby’s

Remind Me To Never Eat At Arby’s


Weight = 187

Fasting Blood Sugar – Crikey!  I forgot to check it!  I’ll try to remember tomorrow (Wednesday.)

I decided to give Bob’s Red Mill High Fiber Cereal a shot on it’s own, with no egg accompaniment to see how my sugar levels would react. I cooked it with unsweetened almond milk instead of water, and sweetened my bowl with splenda.  I had just shy of one serving, and topped it with a few fresh blueberries, shredded unsweetened coconut, almonds, and a tiny little blob of Biscoff spread.  I estimated that the whole bowl was right around 30g of carbs which is my breakfast limit.

Hot Cereal with Blueberries, Almonds, Coconut, & Biscoff

1 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 117 (goal < 140)  Yay!  This totally exceeded my expectations.  Next time I might try just a tiny bit of honey or agave in the cereal instead of splenda.  I would prefer to use something natural, but not if it will spike my sugar.

Monday was a really busy day with work, so for lunch I just threw some leftovers on a plate.  I had a piece of mayo chicken, carrots, and pinto beans.

Chicken, Carrots & Pinto Beans

1 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 113

For dinner I tried a new vegetarian recipe from, Cheesy Broccoli Rice Casserole with Chickpeas. I replaced about half of the rice with “cauliflower rice,” which I made by putting some cauliflower in the food processor until it was approximately rice sized. I sauteed it for a few minutes to soften it up.

Chickpea Broccoli Casserole and Spinach

Argh!  I know I tested my sugar after this meal, and I remember that the number was ok, but I guess I didn’t write it down.


Breakfast was plain and simple scrambled eggs + beaters with some light american cheese melted in.  For the carbs I had a piece of cinnamon raisin Ezekiel toast, with a thin smear of Biscoff.  This is a delicious combo!

Scrambled Eggs and Ezekiel Toast

I didn’t test after this meal since I’ve eaten it successfully so many times.

Ross had some Arby’s coupons that he wanted to use at lunch, so we headed down there and shared some family meal pack.  There was nothing healthy about it.  I had a classic roast beef sandwich (ate half the bun) drenched with Arby sauce and horsey sauce.  I love their sauce…’s really the only thing I dig about Arby’s.  I also had one fried mozzarella stick, a handful of fries, and two onion rings.  Oy!

1.5 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 156!!!!   (goal < 130)  That’s what I get for eating a bunch of crap for lunch!  :(

I got back on track for dinner.  Nick loves shrimp, so I tried this recipe for Honey Lime Shrimp, which was quite yummy!  I had some bell peppers and diced fresh pineapple on hand, so I diced them up and stir fried them in the same pan with the honey lime marinade.  We had all of this on top of some “royal blend” rice.

Honey Lime Shrimp Stir Fry over Rice

1.5 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 132 (goal < 130)  I had a few more bites of rice than I had planned to….but I barely skated in right around goal.

Ross and I have been trying to figure out if we want to go out somewhere this week for V-day.  We might go out tomorrow or Friday night, but not likely on Thursday to avoid the rush.  We were thinking about going to the Pink concert tomorrow here in Phoenix, but it’s sold out. :(   Maybe I’ll have something exciting to report in my next post!

I have about a half of an episode of Dexter to watch before hitting the hay.  I’m still loving it!  His sister is my favorite character……she is so funny.

Take care friends!