Catching Up

Catching Up

Well, heck.

I just looked at the date of my last post and realized how long I’ve been gone!   How in the world is it already July 21??   The last 6 weeks zoomed right by.  My trip to Santa Barbara was great, and our trip to Disneyland in late June was SUPER fun.  In the weeks between and after those trips I had a ton of work to do and I was lucky that my Dad came into town to visit for 2 weeks because Rio’s daycare provider had a baby and shut down for the two weeks before we left for Disneyland.  The last two weeks have eased up a bit, but it always seems that I have so many things to try and get done after the kids go to bed.

On the food front, our Advocare challenge ended with a whisper.  It was too bad that our last week fell when I was in Santa Barbara.  Ross and I both tried to be reasonable about our eating, but neither one of us were perfect.  When I got back into town things were so crazy with work and with Rio and my Dad being here that we never even took our ending measurements or weight.  We have continued to eat pretty well though.  I even ended up ordering some extra shakes.  Ross often likes to have them in the mornings when he wakes up because sometimes he is up quite a while before breakfast is made.  We’re not drinking shakes right now though, because last Wednesday we started the South Beach Diet, Phase 1.   Phase 1 lasts for 2 weeks and is very low carb.  We are not even supposed to have fruit, whole grains, or starchy vegetables for these 2 weeks.  I have to say, it’s been tough…..and we’re only on day 5.  I would kill for a piece of whole wheat toast or a quinoa pancake right now! The upside is that I haven’t been having to test my sugar after I eat.  No carbs = no blood sugar spikes!

Here is a sampling of what we’ve been eating for the last few weeks.  Most of these were pre-South Beach:














My Dad and I made ”sun-dried” tomatoes in the oven.  These were soooooo yummy!  I ate like half of them straight off the pan!

DPP_0032 (2)

My tomato plants are still putting out a lot of tomatoes, but they don’t taste as good as they used too.  They don’t get as sweet.  Also, the red ones haven’t been getting very red.  I think it may just be too hot for them now.  I haven’t been harvesting them very much lately, but I might try to make another big batch of these dried tomatoes.  Maybe the roasting process will be enough to bring out the sweetness.

I think our apple tree is done producing for the season as well.  We picked these off a couple of weeks ago.  Nick gobbles these right up.  The kid loves apples!


The kids have been keeping us busy as well.  We have been….

Making funny faces,

DPP_0013 (2)

DPP_0019 (2)



Playing in the pool and the rain,





And of course, eating lots of chow!






(This was my first attempt at making homemade popsicles.  I didn’t care for these.  When I find a recipe we love I’ll post it.)

My Dad installed this nifty organizer on my pantry door.  It’s so rad!  I love it!  And yes, those are 5 tubs of special dark cocoa near the bottom.  Don’t judge me…….


I don’t know about you, but all of this activity makes me want to lay down…..


and go to sleep!


Goodnight everybody!  I’ve been reading articles about sleep deprivation and have decided that I need to make getting to bed on time more of a priority, so I’m off to hit the day.  I’ll report back soon with some South Beach Phase 1 updates/results.

Take care y’all!  I hope your summers have been as great as ours has been so far!