Smoothie Science

Smoothie Science


Green smoothie time!  I wanted to see how my blood sugar would react to a fruit/veggie smoothie with only greek yogurt for the protein.  I added .5 cups which was about 11g of protein.  An egg only has about 6g, so I thought this would be ok.

I put 1 orange, 1 apple, 1 frozen banana, a few frozen cherries, spinach, greek yogurt, almond milk, and ice in the Vitamix.

Green Smoothie in the Vitamix

In the glass….

Green Smoothie

1 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 155!!!  (goal < 140) The yogurt experiment was a bust!  However, I still think I might have hormone issues going on here, so I might try it again sometime.

Nick and Rio had eggs.  Doesn’t Nick look so handsome with his shaggy-dog hair chopped off? My cutie pie.  <3

Nick Eating an Egg

I told him to let me take a picture of his hair and he wanted me to get the back.  :)

Nick Showing His Haircut

Rio just wanted her dang eggs!

Rio Eating Breakfast 2

I’m sure she is saying “uh-oh” here, but I don’t know why!

Rio Eating Breakfast

Lunch was the final piece of leftover artichoke chicken and the last of the veggie tray from last week’s family happy hour on top of spinach, with protein ranch on the side.

Artichoke Chicken & Veggie Salad

We’ve had a kid-friendly meal plan for this week since Ross has been out of town and Tuesday night was hot dog night.  I decided that I should pair the super unhealthy dogs with something super healthy on the side, so I made this Swiss Chard, Spinach, and Quinoa Gratin. I happened to have a big bunch of chard from my produce box last week, so it was the perfect way to use it.  I made this once before with the gruyere called for in the recipe, but this time I made it with medium sharp cheddar.  it was delicious both times.   I’m planning to make these quinoa pancakes later this week, so I cooked up extra quinoa to store in the fridge.

Quinoa Gratin

Dogs, gratin, and sliced tomatoes

Hot Dogs, Quinoa Gratin and Tomatoes

1 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 128 (goal < 140)

I got a big delivery from Amazon on Tuesday.  First and foremost….a case of special dark cocoa!  I know it seems crazy to have 6 cans of cocoa, but it’s hard to find in stores, and it’s way cheaper to order this 6 pack than to order a single can. It’s the important ingredient in my favorite brownies, and I use it in my coffee almost every day, so I go through it somewhat quickly.

Special Dark Cocoa

I also got some Sun Warrior Vanilla Protein Powder (plant based!) and Amazing Grass Orange Dreamsicle Superfood!

Sun Warrior Protein Powder and Orange Amazing Grass


Another smoothie experiment….fruit and veggie smoothie (no added protein) with an egg on the side.

Green Smoothie and Egg

Unfortunately, when I got back from dropping the kids off at daycare I jumped on the phone for work and got caught up in some long calls which put me past the 2 hour mark.  So, the experiment was foiled.  :( .

For lunch I heated up some leftover quinoa gratin and chicken tenders.

Chicken Tenders and Quinoa Gratin

In continuation with our easy, kid-friendly menu this week, we had frozen turkey burgers for dinner with steamed broccoli.  I decided to top mine with salsa and sour cream.

Turkey Burger and Broccoli

While I made dinner, Nick engineered a double straw and had some water.

Nick Drinking with a Double Straw


Back to basics!  Scrambled eggs, toast, and coffee made with my new Aerobie Aeropress!  I’ll have to take a picture of it soon.  It’s somewhat like a French press, but not exactly.

Eggs, Toast & Coffee

I had a leftover turkey burger chopped up on a salad with carrots, broccoli, and sliced tomatoes on spinach with protein ranch.  Doesn’t the turkey look like croutons?  :)

Spinach &Turkey Burger Salad

Nick requested ham and cheese sandwiches for dinner, so that’s what we had.  Nick had two sandwiches! I finished off the leftover broccoli from Wednesday night as well.

Ham Sandwich with Broccoli

1 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 130 (goal > 140)

The kids and I are so excited for Ross to come home tomorrow!  He had a crazy busy week with work so we hardly got to talk to him this week. I’m both happy and not happy about tomorrow being Friday.  I’m happy for the obvious reason, but on the other hand I didn’t get as much done this week as I wanted to…..story of my life.

I’ve been catching up on Glee while I type this up, and I was thinking that this season isn’t too great, but the last couple of episodes were pretty good.  Maybe I’m just a sucker for Finn and Rachel.  :)

I haven’t talked much about exercise lately, but I’ve been trying to get in a Bodyrock workout or another short exercise video every over day or so.  Better than nothing, right?

I hope everyone’s week has been great!  Take care.