Holy Molé

Holy Molé

Daycare, work, swimming, eat, sleep, daycare, work, swimming, eat, sleep………..this pretty much sums up our weeks lately.  Every day flies by so fast.  Somehow we find time to eat though.  I thought we would be eating dinner out like 3 nights per week during swimming lessons, but so far I’ve managed to be pretty organized and cook dinner almost every night.

Rio is doing awesome in swimming lessons.  I think she might graduate soon, but Nick will be starting his refresher course next week, so we are looking at a few more weeks of this at least.


We didn’t have any exciting breakfast fare this week.

Scrambled eggs with deli turkey, laughing cow cheese, and Earnest Eats American Blend made with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and stevia.  This was all actually pretty yummy.  It only looks boring.  :)


Eggs scrambled with shredded pork and green bell peppers.

Eggs with Bell Peppers and Pork

Over-hard eggs with American cheese and whole wheat toast.

Eggs and Toast

Eggs scrambled with leftover chicken molé.

Eggs with Chicken Mole


Balsamic pork sandwich with lettuce and mayo and veggie crudité on the side.  I purposely only used one piece of bread because the bread I have right now is large slices (22g each.)

Balsamic Pork Sandwich and Veggie Crudite

1 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 164 (goal  = 140)  ???WTF??  I’m sure between the bread and the sauce on the meat the carbs couldn’t have been much higher than my normal 30g target.  Maybe there just wasn’t enough protein to balance it out?  Who knows…..weird readings like this are so frustrating.  I did take two readings and the second one was similar, so I don’t think it was an error.

Ross asked me to pick up some Jack in the Box the next afternoon, and I intended to be good and only have the grilled chicken salad…..but somehow I ended up with these two tacos too!  Don’t judge me.  Those funky cat-food-filling tacos are delicious!

Chicken Club Salad and Tacos

1 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 146 (goal = 140)  This was better than I was expecting, given the bad number I got from the pork sandwich the day before.

Leftover red beans and rice, pork tenderloin, and a big juicy tomato from our garden.

Red Beans and Rice, Pork Tenderloin, and Tomatoes

I’m not sure if I’ve ever talked about the salad dressing from Chipotle on this blog before, but it’s the best dressing in the world!  Every time I get a salad there I use it sparingly and try to stretch it out on more salads at home…..IF I don’t eat it straight out of the container before it gets home.  :D   A friend recently showed me this link to a knockoff recipe and I was doubtful that it would be as good.  Well, I tried it and it is!!!!!  It may not taste exactly the same, but it’s yuuuummmy!  I made the adobo seasoning noted toward the bottom of the link.

I used the dressing to marinate some chicken that I sautéed , and part of the chicken went on this salad with lettuce, tomatoes, and leftover beans and rice (and more dressing of course!)

Chicken "Chipotle" Salad

1 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 123 (goal = 140)


I had to cook this pork tenderloin while we were at swimming lessons, so I used what I call the oven-off method.  The star of this show was a caprese salad made with beautiful cherry tomatoes from our garden.  I’m so glad we planted yellow and red cherry tomatoes.  The look so pretty, and the yellow ones are super sweet! Some canned corn rounded the meal out.

Pork Tenderloin, Caprese Salad, Corn

1.5 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 96 (goal = 130)

This is a bad picture, but it’s been a while since I posted a picture of Rio being angry and impatient to get her dinner, so I couldn’t resist.  Poor baby!  :(

Rio Wants Dinner

Crockpot chicken molé, served as tacos with cherry tomatoes, corn, and canned pinto beans.

Chicken Mole Tacos

This was a weird night for timing of my test.  I ate dinner at 6:30 and then we walked over to Ross’ parent’s house.  They gave Nick an éclair that he didn’t finish, so I had to take one for the team and finish it (at about 7:30).  We wouldn’t want to waste a perfectly good éclair, right?  I tested my sugar when we got home at 8:00 and it was 104!  I guess my goal would have been about 130, but I was expecting a higher number.  Yay!

The good ol’ standby – Broiled Tilapia Parmesan!  I also threw some whole wheat macaroni in a pot with broccoli (Steamfresh microwaved), butter, and some parmesan cheese.

Tilapia Parmesan and Mac with Broccoli

1 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 129 (goal = 140)

On Saturday night I was trying to relive our recent New Orleans vacation and decided to make Mr. B’s Barbequed Shrimp and some Red Beans and Rice.

Here are the beans at the start of the cooking process,

Reb Beans Before Cooking

The finished product!  These beans had diced ham, salt pork, and ham shanks cooked into them, so they were quite meaty.  Also, this recipe made a TON of beans.  I am literally going to be eating these all week long.

Red Beans After Cooking

This shrimp is not healthy.  It’s basically swimming in a seasoned butter sauce.  When I had this at Mr. B’s in New Orleans the shrimp still had the heads on.  It was the messiest meal of all time, but so good.

Mr. B's BBQ Shrimp

Obviously we needed some French bread to mop up that sauce.  :D

French Bread

The shrimp was very good, but not as good as we had at the actual restaurant.

I’ve been harvesting tons of tomatoes from the garden. These were all picked in one day!  I pull about this many cherry tomatoes off every other day or so, and my big tomato plant (we only have one) has several that are all getting red at the same time.  I used the tomatoes to make this Tomato Cream Sauce, which I love.  It’s so good.  Nick requested spaghetti and meatballs on Monday night to eat with Grandma and Grandpa while I was at book club, so this worked out perfectly.  I didn’t get a picture or a blood sugar reading though.  I ate a few forkfuls on my way out the door, and then a few more when I got home.  :)   Good stuff.

Tomatoes from the Garden

I didn’t get very many pictures of the kids this week.

Sissy loves to wear my sunglasses.  She is so Hollywood!

Rio in my Sunglasses

Are you looking at me??

Rio in my Sunglasses 2

Showers are her new thing.  Cutie pie.

Rio in the Shower

Nick loves to play on abcmouse.com.  He is obsessed with buying tubes for his hamster cage in the program.  He keeps saying he is going to save enough tickets (which he earns by playing games and completing lessons) to buy a couch for his avatar’s house, but then he always spends them on hamster gear before he gets to that point.

Nick Playing ABC Mouse

This kid is so funny.  Last Saturday at T-Ball he won a medal for most positive attitude (the medal thing is totally bogus…..his attitude was less than positive, but I digress) and he thinks it is so cool, like Wreck it Ralph’s medal.  Today in the car he was playing with the medal and he was calling me names (like pinky foot??) and being generally bad and mean, so I told him I was going to take the medal away from him if he didn’t start listening to me.  He said “but it’s been in my family forever!”  What?  LOL.  I had to laugh.  Where does he get this stuff?

I’m catching up on Nashville and The Voice while I write this.  Who do you guys like for The Voice this season?  I don’t have a clear favorite so far, but I liked seeing Juliet Simms come back and perform with Cee Lo.  She was totally robbed in her season. (like Terry McDermott last season!)  I’m sure as it narrows down I will start pulling for someone.  There are several really good singers!

I said in my last post that my goal was to do 3 20 minute workout videos for the week.  I did it, but not one minute more.  Obviously it’s not enough, but I’m glad I did that much.  I will plan to do at least 3 again this week.

Alright, Nick and I are going to hit the hay now, so I’m signing off.  Take care y’all……and have a great week!!!  :D





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