Advocare Adventure – Part 1

Advocare Adventure – Part 1

Let me preface this post by saying that I’m not going to be reporting any blood sugar tests.  I didn’t take many readings over the past week between going out of town and forgetting to pack my testing kit, and being sick (a cold I think.)  I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I don’t like to take readings when I am sick because the numbers get wonky, and I feel like it’s a waste of test strips.

Our Advocare challenge got off to a rough start.  Firstly, I guess I didn’t pay enough attention to the guidelines for the first few days, until I started reading some other blogs about people taking the challenge.  I’ve definitely been a little looser with the diet than a lot of people.  The materials that I received aren’t super specific and don’t talk about different foods that are allowed the first vs. second phases, but from what I am reading others are following some more strict guidelines that maybe I missed??    Also, I’ve taken the meal guide as recommendations more than a strict plan.  For example, it tells me to have fruit at breakfast, but I usually don’t, and then I might have fruit at lunch or dinner where it doesn’t list fruit.  It’s all a little confusing.  BUT, I do feel like we’ve been eating pretty clean.  I don’t need or want to be totally extreme with this thing, so really I’m okay with not being the cleanest eater out there.

The biggest setback was our trip to Sedona this week.  In hindsight we should have started when we got back.  We left the evening of day 2 of the challenge, and then being in Sedona’s amazing restaurants on day 3 we definitely did not stick exactly to the recommended foods.  I did try to make healthier choices than I normally would under the circumstances, but I wasn’t eating fish, veggies, and brown rice….you know what I’m sayin’?  I also forgot to pack our fiber drink which we were supposed to take in the morning, so it threw us off the schedule a little bit.  I basically just had us repeat day 3 when we got home.

Here’s what we’ve been eating:

Scrambled eggs and Earnest Eats Asian blend (oats with fruit, nuts, other grains, and seeds.)

Eggs and Earnest Eats Asian Blend

Earnest Eats Asian Blend

Scrambled eggs + beaters with veggies and whole wheat toast.  See how good I’ve been?  Normally I would have a big fat dollop of sour cream on top of those eggs!

Egg and Veggie Scramble with Whole Wheat Toast

Protein pancakes.  I used a recipe that had quite a bit of greek yogurt, and then I didn’t read the directions well enough and didn’t blend up the oats.  They were a little hard to cook/flip due to the texture, and the yogurt taste was a little strong for me, but they weren’t bad.

Protein Pancakes

Turkey, lettuce, and tomato on whole wheat with mustard.  I’m sure you’re not supposed to have deli meat during the challenge, but I had it in the fridge and it was my best, easiest low fat protein option so I went with it.  Where’s a cop, right?

Turkey and Veggies on Whole Wheat

Leftover tilapia on top of salad and a protein shake with Sunwarrior chocolate protein powder, amazing grass chocolate flavor, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, frozen banana, and frozen cherries.

Tilapia on Salad with Protein Shake

More illegal deli meat on top of salad with protein ranch.  I bought a different kind of greek yogurt at the store last week and it is funky.  It’s kind of thin and chunky.  I won’t buy it again.  Even with the ranch seasoning it wasn’t great.  That ranch seasoning is probably not allowed on the challenge either.  I notice that the recipes I got from my facebook group tend to be low on salt.

Salad with Deli Meat, Veggies and Protein Ranch

Clean tuna and tomato on whole wheat…..I say clean tuna because it had only avocado, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and basil in it.  No mayo!

Clean Tuna on Whole Wheat

This salmon baked in little foil pouches is based on a recipe someone posted on a Weight Watchers chat board a long time ago.  It’s an easy, go-to recipe and the cooking method helps keep down the fishy smell.  Normally I would use canned tomatoes, but you know……my garden overfloweth.

Salmon in a Foil Pouch

We had the fish with canned green beans and frozen mixed veggies.  This was the second dinner I made after starting the challenge, and I didn’t have any fresh veggies in the fridge.

Salmon with Tomatoes, Green Beans and Mixed Veggies

Random sad Rio.   :(

Rio is Sad

On Thursday night my mom and her husband came into town to watch the kids while we headed to Sedona.  Before we left we threw these chicken breasts on the grill.  I marinated them using this Island Marinade, which is so easy and good.  I always have the ingredients on hand.

Grilled Island Chicken

We had the chicken with grilled corn on the cob.

Corn on the Cob

This dinner was delicious and healthy….and besides the small mozzarella balls it was Advocare approved!  I used this recipe for the tenderloin,  I didn’t notice until I was making it how similar the marinade was to the Island Chicken marinade above.  A big difference was that some reserved marinade got boiled down with some chicken broth to make a yummy pan sauce.

Pork Tenderloin, Caprese Salad, Broccoli

This recipe for hamburgers came from my book of 24 day challenge recipes.  The meat had minced garlic and liquid aminos mixed in.  The sweet potato fries recipe was also from the same book.  Something went wrong and they were on the mushy side, not very crispy.  Still yummy though!  Sautéed bell peppers and onions went with the burgers.

Bunless Hawaiian Burgers, Sauteed Peppers, Sweet Potato Fries

On Monday (Memorial Day), Ross’ mom brought over some ribs and Ross cooked them in the smoker.  He did a great job, as usual.  They were super tender and so good.  These probably did not fall in the lean protein category, but in my defense Rio ate at least half of this.  On the side we had new potatoes and asparagus oven roasted in a little bit of olive oil, and a very tasty and refreshing honeydew/cucumber salad with feta cheese.  The salad recipe came from the June 2013 issue of Better Homes and Gardens.  I found the recipe posted on the web here. Everyone thought it was great.

Ribs, Melon Cucumber Salad, Potatoes & Asparagus



So….I don’t know.  Obviously there were some less than perfect choices here, but overall I feel pretty good about what we’ve been eating for the past week.  And, I believe all these meals were blood sugar friendly, although I don’t have the test results to back me up.  I’ve not been having the occasional sweet treats that I’m used to sneaking in, so that’ s something!  In a few days we will start the meal replacement shakes for breakfast, so we’ll see how that goes.  Oh, and we have to start the nasty fiber drink back up for three more days starting on Thursday. Gag.  It’s so gross.  :/

The best part of the Advocare stuff has been the Spark energy drinks.  They taste awesome. I was sick for the bulk of the week and was starting to think that the drink wasn’t giving me energy, but today I was feeling a lot better and I definitely felt like I had more energy than normal, so I hope that continues.

Here are a few red rock pictures from Sedona.  We were just there to meet with a representative from the hotel where we plan to get married later this year.  We’re only having a few family members attend so there’s not a whole lot of planning to do, but there is actually more to think about than I realized.

Ross in Sedona

Laura in Sedona

We had a lot of fun over the weekend swimming with the kids.  I’m so glad that they both have graduated from ISR now and are able to swim with us.  Rio did great her first time in our pool.  She wants to just go and go….swim, float, swim, float.  We have to force her to take breaks.

Ross and Nick horsed around in the pool a lot.  Are they making pirate faces here?  Who knows?  Crazy boys.

Ross and Nick Swimming

This picture cracks me up.  They look like they are doing some bizarre synchronized swimming dance.  :)

Ross and Nick Swim Dance

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is Ross’ birthday, so we’ll go out to dinner for sure.  I don’t think he’s settled on a place yet.  I’ll to try my best to have something on the clean and healthy side!  I wonder if there will ever be a 24 day period of my life where we don’t have some special occasion, holiday, or event to pose as a hurdle to healthy eating.  It’s part of life I guess!  I also know that I will be out of town in Santa Barbara & Oxnard for the last few days of the challenge, so that is most definitely going to be hard.

I can’t close the post without reporting Nick’s funniest line of the week.  Rio was crying about some random thing or anther and I hear Nick shout at her “Pull yourself together Rio!”   :)

I have to get to bed and get some shut eye.  Tomorrow will be busy with a play date, our house cleaner coming over, work, and Ross’ birthday.  I’m tired just thinking about it.  I’ll have to take a double dose of Spark tomorrow! ;)

Take care everyone!  I hope it’s a great week for all.




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