Two Parties and a Circus

Two Parties and a Circus

Well…..dang.  Once again I find myself having to recap several days at once!!  The last few days have been action packed, and Nick has been having a harder and harder time falling asleep at night, which has been cutting into my evening free time.   It’s been so hard to find a free hour lately.

Please pardon my brevity as I fly through the last 5 days!   :D


Breakfast was scrambled eggs + beaters with turkey deli slices and laughing cow cheese melted in.  The red bowl is cream of wheat.  This time I mixed a flavored package with a plain one and ate half of the mix.

Scrambled Eggs with Turkey and Cream of Wheat

1 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 125 (goal < 140)

At lunch time Ross wanted to go to Walmart in search of a “Magic Mesh” screen for our back door.  We grabbed lunch at Rubio’s Fish Tacos while we were out.  I had a chicken bowl which had a little more rice than I had expected.

We found the Magic Mesh!  We don’t want to put a screen door in the back so we can keep it easy to get in and out, but we’re hoping that this will help keep out the flies and what not.  We’ll see.

Ross Testing Out the Magic Mesh

While we were putting it up I snapped a few pictures of our cauliflower.   I guess we waited to long to pick most of them, because many of them are going rotten and moldy. We did pull off a few that still looked good.

Rotting Cauliflower in the Garden

Ew!  :(

Rotting Cauliflower Close Up

The kids were fascinated by the Magic Mesh!  I didn’t get a picture of Nick going through it because he was moving too fast.  He ran in and out of it about 50 times when they first got home.

Rio Coming Through the Magic Mesh

On Tuesday night I put some pork chops in a brine mixture to soak.  I always use Alton Brown’s Recipe from Good Eats.   Brined pork chops always come out a million times better than non-brined.  Do the brine….it’s worth the time!  LOL.  I converted some leftover mashed potatoes into “caulipots” by adding in a head of steamed cauliflower (from the garden.) Canned green beans rounded out the meal.

Pork Chop, Caulipots, and Green Beans

Rio was so cute after dinner trying to use Nick’s toy drill and truck kit.  He is a pro and can take the thing apart or put it back together in minutes.

Rio Playing with Nick's Truck and Drill


We had a morning brunch play date planned with our playgroup, so I decided to just have a smoothie for breakfast.  I’ve been trying to perfect a pumpkin smoothie that is reasonably healthy.  When I figure out the magic recipe, I’ll post it.  This definitely wasn’t it!  It was kind of yucky and I only drank about half of it.  At our brunch I nibbled on sliced ham and cheese, a piece of cranberry bread, and a green chile egg casserole.

Pumpkin Smoothie

The play date really ate into my work day, I did throw together a quick turkey sandwich for a late lunch.

Turkey Sandwich and Mocha Latte

We took the kids to a little circus here in town on Thursday night, and then ate at Red Robin afterward.  The circus wasn’t very good, but Nick seemed to like it.  At Red Robin I had a teriyaki chicken sandwich with a side of broccoli.  Rio was super tired and fussy, so she ended up sitting on my lap and eating her mac & cheese. It was a messy ordeal.


For breakfast I sliced up the last of the leftover ribeye steak and threw it into some scrambled eggs + beaters with a tomato, and toast on the side.

Eggs Scrambled with Steak and Tomatoes

More leftovers for lunch!  Shrimp soup and a grilled cheese.  I love using kraft american cheese slices for grilled cheese sandwiches.  I’m pretty sure there is no nutritional value, but it melts so good!

Shrimp Soup and Grilled Cheese

1.5 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 135 (goal < 130)

I was planning to whip up some quick red beans and rice (Zatarans!) with chicken sausage for dinner, but after we picked the kids up Ross had a craving for El Pollo Loco, so we headed to buckeye.  Rio and I shared a chicken plate with pinto beans, and she had mac & cheese too.  The best part about El Pollo Loco is their salsa….I could drink that stuff!


Well, I accidentally deleted the picture of my machaca burrito, but I’m sure you all can imagine what is looked like!

We had a busy day planned with two birthday parties.  They overlapped each other, so we had to cut them both a little short.  Before we left, Rio gave “The Friends” a pep talk.  I’m not sure what she was telling them…..maybe to guard the house while we were gone?

Rio Talking to "The Friends"

I had a slice of pizza at our second party… Chuck E Cheese!  Man, that place is crazy when they are having parties.  There were like 5 parties going on at once!!

Nick Eating Pizza at Chucky Cheese

Rio had fun on this trolley.  She rode it about 15 times in a row!

Rio at Chucky Cheese on the Trolley Ride

The red beans and rice made their appearance on Saturday night.  I had a bunch of sausage that I picked up at the Fry’s mega event on Monday, so I wanted to use some of it up.  I threw in a diced zucchini and bell pepper to try and increase the healthy properties.  At the last minute I decided to make some 7-up biscuits to go with it.  Here is the recipe.  Mine never come out looking like the picture in the link, but they are always very good, and SO easy to make.

Red Beans and Rice with Sausage and Biscuits


We polished off the red beans and rice for breakfast, along with some eggs….and of course a biscuit!

Eggs on Red Beans & Rice with Biscuit

1 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 129 (goal < 140)

We took the kids to a fun park over in Tolleson after breakfast and played for about an hour before Rio started getting tired and cranky.  When we got back I had a quick lunch of a half sandwich with turkey and turkey pastrami, a kiwi, and some cottage cheese.

Turkey & Pastrami Sandwich with Kiwi and Cottage Cheese

After I put Rio down for her nap Ross surprised me by having his parents come over to watch the kids and taking me to see the movie Warm Bodies.  I really liked the book and thought I was going to like the movie even more.  I ended up just thinking that the movie was ok.  It was fun to get out though!

We stopped at Target to grab some groceries for the rest of the week, and then headed home to start dinner.  I made this Parmesan Crusted Chicken, which was very moist and yummy.  I used half mayo and half nonfat greek yogurt to try and cut back on some of the fat and calories.  Next time I will broil it at the end for a minute to put a little color on the top.  I boiled some carrots and then coated them with butter and a little bit of honey, and whipped up some Rice-A-Roni rice pilaf because I know Ross’ Dad likes it.   Ross picked out a loaf of parmesan pull apart bread at Target, which was a big hit.  Of course I had to try and watch the amount I ate.  Rio and I shared this plate.

Mayo Chicken, Rice, Carrots, and Bread

1 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 110

After dinner I snacked on apple slices mixed in a dip made of nonfat greek yogurt, peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon.  This dip is awesome!  Nick loves it too.  When I make it he eats a ton of apples.

I can’t believe another week has bitten the dust!  Does every week go by faster than the last??  It sure seems that way.  On the BodyRock TV 30 day challenge front, I’ve continued to complete one workout haphazardly every couple of days or so.  At this rate it will take me about 90 days to finish!  But, I’m doing more than I was before I started it, so that’s something I guess.

I hope everyone has a great week!!