Biker Chick

Biker Chick

Call me a cyclist!  I finally jumped on the horse (or bike, rather) and took the kids to daycare in the bike trailer.  I told Ross “today’s the day!” and I could tell that he was semi-panicked.  He had me show him my route on Google Maps before I left.  LOL. As I pulled up to the daycare I pulled out my phone to test him and then I saw him pull up behind me!  Stalker!   I don’t know why he was worried…..I mean, if Lance Armstrong wasn’t on drugs I could probably give him a fun for his money!  :D   Seriously, it went better than I expected.  It took us about 25 minutes to get there and we stuck to little community roads and sidewalks which kept us mostly away from cars.  I took a more direct route home which only took me about 20 minutes.

First things first…..I had to fuel up for this adventure. Breakfast was sliced salami and scrambled eggs + beaters with some shredded cheese and toast. I had a Starbucks Via instant mocha (17g of carbs) as well.

Salami and Eggs with Toast

I didn’t get a sugar reading after breakfast because I was on the road!  Yeah!

By lunchtime I was hungry! I had some of our leftover ribeye steak sliced on top of a salad with romaine, pears, feta cheese, and light honey mustard dressing.  I also had some greek yogurt sweetened with splenda and stevia, mixed with frozen blueberries, fresh pineapple, and almonds.

Steak Salad and Yogurt with Fruit & Almonds

1 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 111 (goal < 140)

I’ve been meaning to make this Brazilian Shrimp Soup for a couple of weeks now, but it kept getting pushed back.  One of the best things about this recipe is that it uses mostly canned goods and frozen shrimp, which thaws quickly.  I almost always have onions and bell peppers on hand, so this soup is easily put together with little planning.   And, it’s yummy!  I love the coconut/tomato base.

Rio, of course, was ready to chow…..not take pictures.

Brazilian Shrimp Soup

Canned green beans and cheesey bread on the side!  This cheesey bread was from a frozen package that I picked up with a coupon.  I don’t ususally buy stuff like that, but they were so yummy.  One slice had 17g of carbs.  Rio and I each had one of these.

Cheese Bread and Green Beans

1 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 126 (goal = 140)

After Rio went to bed I hit the grocery store for a second round of mega event sale shopping.  I’ve been reminded about why I usually don’t bother with the whole coupon thing.  Between my two trips I think I saved about $50 with my coupons (not counting mega event price savings.)  I had at least 4 hours into the project between reviewing the websites for deal match ups, locating and cutting out the coupons, and making my list and organizing everything for the shopping trips.  The cost benefit equation doesn’t work out for me.  And, I end up buying stuff that I usually wouldn’t, like the aforementioned frozen bread.

When I got home I snacked on peanuts, a light babybel cheese, and a few bites of chai tea flavored ice cream straight out of the container.  :D

I’m looking forward to biking over to daycare again soon…..maybe toward the end of the week.  I hope everyone’s week is getting off to a good start.  Take care!