Sushi Fun!

Sushi Fun!

Q. How do you know Santa has to be a man????

A. Because no woman is going to be caught dead wearing the same outfit year after year.  :D

I always have a hard time deciding how to start these posts. It feels funny to say “Good Morning” because I’m usually writing these late at night or the next afternoon.  So, until I come up with a better plan I’m going the corny joke route.

This morning was hectic, as I needed to “clean for the cleaning lady.”  I wanted to get some veggies in though, so I took a few minutes to dice up both an orange bell pepper and a green bell pepper to mix into the scrambled eggs. Ezekiel cinnamon raisin with a smidge of Biscoff Spread was the accompaniment, and Adagio almond tea was the beverage of choice.

As usual, Rio was mad that I made her wait to eat until I could get a photo.  The baby was starving for pete’s sake!!!

Eggs with Bell Peppers & Toast with Biscoff

1 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 93   Ok, I had almost this exact meal last Friday and got a 153.  Obviously there were some evil forces (hormones) at play there.  Crazy.

After breakfast Rio applied her climbing skills to Nick’s bathroom stool.  Sigh…  This girl is going to bust her coconut on the floor one of these days.

Rio on Step Stool in Bathroom

Nick worked on his future Abercrombie model poses.  :D

Nick Sitting on Floor with No Shirt

It was chilly enough this morning for Rio to wear her new boots!  Pretty girl!

Rio Wearing Her Pink Boots

I had a conference call scheduled around lunchtime today, so I ate my lunch over a longer period of time than normal.  I ate a few bites before I got on the phone and then ate a little more after talking for a while, etc.  I had my leftover carnitas from last night on top of some salad greens with tapatio and sour cream on top.  I also had part of my leftover tortilla…..still delicious on day 2! I intended to also eat the beans and rice, but I never got around to it.

Carnitas on Salad

I was on the phone for about 2 hours and forgot to test my sugar.

I grabbed a few of these Arrowhead sparkling water bottles the other day on sale.  I don’t always buy them because I try to drink the water from our ridiculously overpriced home water system, but when I see a good deal I grab a few.  I love sparkling water.  It’s so festive!

Arrowhead Sparkling Water

I have two Christmas parties to prepare for on Friday.  The first one is a morning cookie exchange with the kids, and then in the evening we have a family dinner party at a friend’s house.  I’m making 3 batches of these York Peppermint Patty Fudge Cookies for the exchange, and the Parmesan Gratin Potatoes that I made on T-day for the family dinner party.  I want to make the cookies tomorrow night, so the kids and I hit the grocery store again tonight after work/daycare.  On the way we stopped for sushi.

Nick had a California roll (2 actually) and I had a Spicy Girl Roll.  Rio munched on gyoza, edamame, and California rolls.

California and Spicy Girl Rolls

We usually eat at a different place where they chop up the imitation crab in the California rolls, but this place doesn’t.  Nick kept asking me what the squishy stuff was.  He ate it though.  He plowed through about 1.5 rolls and Rio and I had the leftover half.

Nick Holding a Piece of Imitation Crab

At first I was breaking up the rolls for Rio but she kept pointing to the platter of whole ones and whining, so I finally gave her a whole piece and let her go at it.  This little girl is all teeth.  She did ok!

Rio Eating a California Roll

1.5 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 133   Sushi isn’t the best for me due to the carbs in the (white!) rice and the edamame. This wasn’t too bad though.

Rio's Hair Standing on End

Back home, Rio played on the couch again.  She kept putting her head between the cushions and got some crazy static hair!  I think this is Rio’s first ever crazy hair picture.  She never had enough hair to be crazy before!  Please pardon the blur…..I had to post this one because of the hair.

Nick and I played Candyland after Rio went to bed.  We bought it last night.  He picked up on the rules just fine, but he would get major anxiety when he thought I was going to beat him.  He actually started crying once when he had to go back pretty far on the path.  I guess we need to work a little more on the whole “good sport” concept.  All in all we had a really fun time though.  Luckily he won 4 out of 5 games.

As I started writing this post I snacked on some peanuts, a kiwi and a snack sized york peppermint patty (hopefully I use the rest of them up tomorrow in the cookies!) I also started watching an episode of Hart of Dixie on Hulu, which I now have to finish before I go to bed!  It’s such a cheesy show, but I love it!  It’s like a Friday Night Lights cast reunion.

Later Friends!