Partying Down with My Book Club Gals

Partying Down with My Book Club Gals

Monday, Monday……usually not my favorite day, but this Monday I had my annual book club potluck to look forward to!  Last year we had a great party, but I had a crying, screaming, totally ticked off baby (Rio) attached to me the whole time.  This year I left her off the guest list!

Let’s get the Monday stats out of the way:

Fasting Blood Sugar = 115

Weight = 188

For breakfast I used up the whole big bunch of spinach that we received in our Natures Garden Delivered box last Wednesday.  It’s amazing how leafy greens cook down so much!  I had some mushrooms on hand too so they went in the mix along with the eggs + egg beaters.  Whole grain toast was on the side.  This pile was made extra yummy with a dollop of sour cream and salsa.

Eggs with Spinach and Mushrooms with Toast

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 110

Before heading to daycare we played outside for a few minutes.  Nick was having fun trying to attach the lid to the water/sand table all by himself.  He is so cute when he does something without help he says that he is a big boy, and then he says “but you don’t want me to be a big boy, you want me to stay your cute little baby, right?”  He’s right!  I guess I’ve told him to stop growing so fast enough times that he’s caught on.  He doesn’t listen though…..he still grows too darn fast.  :)

Nick Putting Lid on Water Table

I told Nick that Rio was going to learn to ride a bike before he does!  She has been showing some interest in the tricycle.  Nick just isn’t that into learning how to pedal.  Maybe he needs to watch some friends ride bikes?

My motor scootin’ baby girl!

Rio Pushing Tricycle

Rio Pushing Tricycle

As always, the morning zoomed by without a morning snack and soon enough it was lunch time.  I had some leftover ginger lime salmon from Sunday night on top of a salad.  I used the lettuce from our box, and also threw in a little coleslaw mix.  I put a little bit of a new dressing on it called Makoto Ginger Dressing, but I didn’t care for it. Two kiwis were on the side!

Ginger Lime Salmon on Salad Greens with Kiwis

In hindsight, this salad needed some chopped almonds!

1 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 132

I’ve been trying to test my sugar more in the 1 hour range than the 2 hour.  Different doctors have told me different things.  My OBGYN told me when I was pregnant with Rio that testing at 2 hours was better.  My OBGYN in Santa Barbara didn’t have a preference.  My new general practitioner doesn’t seem to have a preference either.  She told me that I just need to focus on keeping my after meal sugar levels under 140. Since my 1 hour numbers are probably going to be the highest I think that’s when I should try to test.  Sometimes I don’t remember though, so in those cases I will shoot for 2 hours.

I was out for most of the afternoon doing some shopping in preparation for my book club potluck & gift exchange.  I took a  spinach salad as requested by our club leader.  She loved it at my book swap party last month.  It is quite tasty. Luckily I made extra that I didn’t dress, so I’ll have it to eat this week!  I’ll probably use a different dressing though, as the one in the recipe has a lot of sugar.  Maybe I’ll make a small batch with splenda.

The potluck was so fun.  I should have taken pictures of what I ate, but mostly I picked around and sampled a bit of everything.  I have to admit that my sampling also included the desserts.  :/  I was eating some delicious chocolate pecan pie when some of the gals were asking me about my blog. So there I am talking about my blood sugar issues while stuffing my face with pie!  Ugh!  So embarrassing.  I realized the irony of the situation and threw the last few bites away (with sadness….it was so good!) We have a few more holiday parties scheduled over the next couple of weeks, so I’ll have to try to do better at those.

I stayed at the party later than I thought I would and came home tired which is why this post is up today instead of yesterday.  Hopefully I’ll get tonight’s up on time!

See you later gators!