Magic Portal Please Let in Our Trolley

Magic Portal Please Let in Our Trolley

This is going to be the (long) weekend edition of laura dodges diabetes.  We had such a fun and busy 3 days.  Actually, today has been more normal and relaxing, but we are very much in catch up mode.  We drove to Flagstaff and took the kids to the North Pole Experience on Friday night and then came home on Saturday in time to stop by Home Plate for the Holidays event at the Goodyear Ballpark.

I forgot to take pictures of most of the food during our trip to Flagstaff, and I didn’t test my sugar as much as I had planned to, but the restaurants offered pretty good choices, so I think I did ok for being on vacation.  :)

We spent Friday morning at home before we headed out at about 11:30.  I spent probably 3 straight hours packing and organizing our bags and getting everyone ready.  We should have stayed a week because we wouldn’t have needed much more stuff!

I had let the egg supply dwindle down in anticipation of our leaving, so I only had 3 eggs to work with.  :(   I decided to bulk them up with a big diced potato and some more of the pastrami deli slices.  Remind me never to buy lunchmeat again at Costco.  It is just too much for us to finish in a reasonable time.  I bought this pastrami right after T-day.  I didn’t want to buy turkey for obvious reasons, and chicken seemed too close to turkey, so the only other choice was pastrami.  It was fine, but just not something that I want to eat every day like I’ve been doing!  I put a bunch of it in the freezer, so we’ll be polishing it off at a later date.

Potatoes, Pastrami and Eggs

The drive to Flagstaff was shorter than we expected, and we drove by Sonic Burger on the way to our hotel.  I don’t know why, but Ross really likes Sonic.  I have a hard time finding low carb or other healthy choices there.  Rio and I just shared some chicken strips because we were going to be eating dinner just a couple of hours later.

We stayed at the Little America hotel, which was really cute.  The curtains in the room were Nick and Rio’s favorite part.  They played with these the entire time we were in the room!

Kids Playing with Curtain

We checked in for our scheduled dinner buffet at 4.  Our trolley was scheduled for 5:20, so we had to eat early. I had some salmon with salad, sauteed veggies, and a little bit of mashed potatoes and stuffing on the side.

My boys chowing down:

Nick and Ross at Dinner Before NPX

Rio thought the chocolate cookies were top notch!

Rio Eating Chocolate Cookie Before NPX

Our trolley transported us to the North Pole through a secret magic portal, and then the kids got to go through several rooms in Santa’s workshop.  Nick helped assemble some toys for Santa.  When I told him he had to give this teddy bear back to the elves so they could give it to a good little girl or boy he said “but I’m a good boy!”

Nick with Stuffed Football Bear

He had fun assembling this rocket, but had more fun shooting it at me!

Nick Making a Rocket at NPX

In the bakery the kids had Snowman Soup (cocoa) and cookies.

Nick Eating Snowman Soup at NPX

Ross helped Nick write a letter to Santa.  He said he wanted socks, a Mickey Mouse farm, and a toy for baby Rio.  His list didn’t make it to Santa though because he managed to tear it up and then lose it before we got there.  :)

Ross Helping Nick Write a Letter to Santa at NPX

Nick hanging out by Santa’s sleigh:

Nick by Santa's Sleigh at NPX

At the end of the tour we got to meet with Santa.  Nick wasn’t super excited about it, but at least he didn’t cry!

Family Picture with Santa at NPX

After we got back to the hotel we took a horse carriage ride with our friends.  It was pretty chilly out, but it was a lot of fun.  Rio was beyond tired, so we headed back to the room right afterward.  She crashed in the pack and play while Nick watched a movie on his phone (we gave him Ross’ old iphone) in bed. Ross and I ordered some wine from room service and watched TV and relaxed.  It was very nice!

In the morning we had a breakfast with Santa buffet. Santa came by our table to talk to Nick, but he pretty much just crawled underneath it.  My kid is so strange sometimes!!  It was a nice breakfast though, with an omelette bar. I had one with everything, which was ham, cheese, onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and green chilies. I also had some bacon and a little bit of potatoes and a mini bagel.  I was stuffed, but I think I took them down for at least the $18 ticket price.  :)

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 109

After breakfast we spent a few minutes at the hotel’s playground.

Rio on Swing in Flagstaff

Nick on Slide in Flagstaff

The views here were much better than the playgrounds at home!!

View by Playground in Flagstaff 1

View by Playground in Flagstaff 2

View by Playground in Flagstaff 3

We decided to take another carriage ride in the light of day.

Nick and Ross in Horse Sleigh in Flagstaff

Me and Rio in Horse Sleigh in Flagstaff

So pretty!

View from Horse Sleigh in Flagstaff

We checked out at about 11 and make the trek home.  We stopped at BJs in Peoria for lunch.  I had the BBQ chicken chopped salad which is so good!

When we got home I found a package from Omaha Steaks on our doorstep.  We received it as a gift for the closing of our home refinance.  (Refinance now….rates are awesome.  3.25% baby!  yeah!!) They came a lot sooner than I expected, and I don’t know if they got delivered on Friday or Saturday, but they were still frozen solid. Whew! Luckily we weren’t out of town for a week or anything like that.   It’s a variety back that came with all sorts of stuff.

Omaha Steaks Label

Rio and Ross both caught a few zzzzzz’s when we got home, and then we decided to go to the Goodyear Ballpark’s Home Plate for the Holidays event.  They had an area with snow for the kids.  Nick played in it for a little bit, but he preferred the bounce houses.  We couldn’t stay as long as we wanted to because it was already about 7:30 and we still hadn’t eaten dinner.  We thought there would be food at the festival, but there wasn’t much so we had to leave.  Nick was bummed to leave so he got to choose where we ate and of course he chose McDonalds.  He calls it “Old McDonalds.”  :)   This is a prime example of how lack of planning can thwart healthy eating intentions!  I should have had an easy meal ready to make on Saturday night.  I ordered a Quarter Pounder combo and picked off a lot of the bread.  I did have a few fries too.

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 124 (not bad!)

I stayed up a little late putting together a meal plan and grocery list for the upcoming week, and then I had no problem falling asleep after such a long day.  I wish we could have stayed longer in Flagstaff.  It is so beautiful there!  We hope to go back and visit soon.

Since we missed out on Saturday morning breakfast burritos and I had no eggs in the fridge I sent Ross down to Senor Taco for the usual machaca burritos.  Rio and I shared one as always.

Machaca Burrito

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 110

It was a lovely morning outside.  We enjoyed playing in the yard before it heated up to 80 degrees again.

Rio put this tennis ball on the umbrella stand about 30 times and clapped each time.  Cute girl!

Rio Playing with Ball and Umbrella Stand

Nick and I played catch with his soccer ball.

Nick Playing Catch with Soccer Ball

I outsourced the duty of pushing the Cozy Coupe to Nick.  They only crashed a few times.  :)   No bones were broken.

Nick Pushing Rio in Cozy Coupe

Ross invited his parents over to watch football and they brought over some bratwurst and hot dogs.  Ross grilled them with some peppers and onions while Nick and I went to the grocery store.  Have you noticed that when Ross is in charge of lunch it always ends up being sausage based?  I had one dipped in mustard and cheese whiz!   I avoided the bun because I had a handful of chips while I was making our plates.  I went back for a second pile of peppers and onions.  I love grilled veggies!

Sausage, Peppers and Onions

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 105

We had ginger lime salmon for dinner, with the bok choy from my Wednesday box and some royal blend rice. I also heated up some canned green beans.  Rio and I love canned green beans! The salmon recipe was from Saving Dinner the Low Carb Way, which I will be using for the whole week, except tomorrow.  Tomorrow I’m going to my book club’s Christmas potluck and Ross and the kids are having pizza!

Ginger Lime Salmon with Rice and Green Beans

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 115

Right now we are watching the movie Savages, but I’ve only been paying half attention while I type.  The house is a mess and there is still a big pile of bags by the front door, but I’m not going to clean it up tonight!

See you all tomorrow!!