Back in the Normal Groove

Back in the Normal Groove

I mentioned yesterday that I’m going to start testing my fasting blood sugar only about once a week until I figure out what my insurance coverage will be for the testing strips when I run out of my current stock. I decided that Mondays will be the day, since that is also the weigh in day that I set for weight watchers online.  What? You say I never mentioned that I am a member of weight watchers online?  Well, that would be because I haven’t actually been counting points for quite some time!  This is something that I would like to get back into.  I’ve been focusing on staying within my target carb and blood sugar ranges and trying to also count WW points seems a bit overwhelming.  But since I’m on the topic of weight, I decided to weigh myself this morning so I can record this data as well.

Current Weight = 188.5 lbs   My goal weight is somewhere around 170.

Over the years I’ve focused on eating for various goals such as weight loss, vegetarian, blood sugar control, budget reduction, etc. Focusing on one of these at a time is not so difficult, but I generally find that at least one of the others would suffer for it.  For example, when I wasn’t eating meat I was eating more pasta, cheese, and bread, so I definitely didn’t lose weight, and I’m sure my blood sugar levels were less than ideal.  I’m currently watching my blood sugar and carbs which means I eat more meat, cheese, eggs and nuts, so I’m taking in more fat than I probably should.  I’m sure I could hit all these goals if I could maintain a raw vegan diet or something similar, but I did try that and it lasted about a day.  That’s too much change for me to incorporate in a short period of time.

Anyway, Monday will be the day to test my fasting sugar, so:

Fasting Blood Sugar = 111

I had just a small amount of the Thanksgiving au gratin potatoes left over, so I threw them in the skillet with several large handfuls of spinach.  I had a big bin that needed to be used by today, so this made it easy.

Eggs with Spinach and Potatoes

1 hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 120 (goal 140)

I also had some coffee with sugar free peppermint mocha creamer.  I received this mug as a gift when I sat on the board of directors for a wonderful nonprofit called Adventures in Caring , which I had to leave when we left Santa Barbara.  I was able to work with a wonderful group of brilliant and caring individuals.  I hope the are all doing fantastically!

Apache Blessing Mug

During breakfast Nick decided to give Rio some kisses on her cheek.   :)   My loveys are so sweet!

Nick Kissing Rio's Cheek

After I dropped the kids off at daycare I had to hit the grocery store so we would have food in the refrigerator other than T-Day leftovers.  I got in and out rather quickly for a change, since I had already picked up some groceries at Costco last night.  My morning snack was an Oikos vanilla greek yogurt topped with some beautiful blueberries and raspberries.

Greek Yogurt with Berries

For lunch I decided to finish off most of the leftover turkey.  I had a sandwich on 100% whole grain bread (24g) with a little mayo and cranberry sauce.  I combined it with the leftover Costco spinach salad from last night. Between the bread, cranberry sauce, and cranberries on the salad I was worried that I might be going over my 30g carb goal, so I skipped salad dressing and just went for a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

Turkey Cranberry Sandwich with Spinach Salad

1 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 139 (goal 140)  yippee!

Today ended up being a busy day with work and the afternoon zoomed by.  Luckily I did not forget to have my afternoon snack which was a protein shake.  This one had unsweetened vanilla almond milk, frozen bananas, frozen blueberries, Amazing Grass Chocolate Green Superfood, Sun Warrior Raw Vegan Chocolate Protein Powder, and a little bit of PB2.

Protein Shake

We are having some cabinets and bookshelves installed in our great room, and the base cabinets finally came in after a long wait. Our very talented friend Jim is doing the installation for us and will be building bookshelves to go on top of the cabinets.  Here is the before picture.

Back Wall Bare Before Cabinet Install

This is the demo stage! Hopefully by tomorrow the cabinets and granite top will be installed.  More pics to come!

Back Wall Being Prepared for Cabinet Install

Dinner was a pork “skillet stew,” from Saving Dinner the Low Carb Way, served on top of mashed cauliflower (mashed with a little cream cheese, salt, and pepper.) I also had a little bit of T-day sweet potatoes.  This dinner tasted better than it looked.  It was actually very tasty!

Pork Stew on Mashed Cauliflower & Sweet Potatoes

1 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 130

Nick “horsed around” (lol!) for a little while before bed time.  You can also see the cabinets partially installed against the wall.

Nick Wearing Horse Costume

The kids both went to bed and then I decided to do a 20 minute Turbo Jam workout DVD.  Man, I am out of shape.  I think I would have died if I had tried a longer video.  But, at least I did something.  I consider that a success!

I had some cheese and crackers for my night time snack, and am writing this while watching tonight’s episode of The Voice.  I am torn between Amanda Brown, Terry McDermott, and Trevin Hunte.  I can’t wait to see how it goes down tomorrow night!  On the topic of tomorrow night, I will be heading over to Scottsdale for a short basic class about how to use my digital camera.  It’s from 5 to 8 and includes a picture-taking walk through downtown Scottsdale.  I’m excited!  It should be fun and hopefully my picture quality will improve somewhat.

I hope everyone had a great Monday.  Goodnight!