Are You Ready for Some Football?

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Boy, I am beat!  This weekend has been so fun, and totally exhausting!  This morning we had to hop out of bed and pack up the kids so we could drop Grandpa Phillip (my Dad) off at the airport.  We decided to take the whole family and stop for breakfast after dropping him off.

I didn’t take my fasting blood sugar this morning.  I am considering reducing the number of fasting tests I do down to possibly one per week.  I currently have only a couple of weeks worth of testing strips left which I received through my insurance while I was pregnant with Rio and had gestational diabetes.  I only had a co-pay and deductible when I purchased them.  However, since I’m not officially a diabetic now I don’t know if my insurance will continue to cover the strips.  I have an appointment next week with a general practitioner, so I will find out soon.  Since my fasting blood sugar numbers do not change like my after meal ones do I plan to back off on testing them for now.

We stopped at a local café called Wy-Knot which is in downtown Phoenix.  Rio and I shared the tomato, garlic, basil, and brie frittata.  It came with potatoes and a delicious 9 grain toast that was really dark.  Rio was a little fussy before we got our food so I immediately started cutting it up and cooling it off for her, and then I remembered to take the picture.  That’s why it looks so messy.  It was a very good meal! I would definitely go back if it were closer to our house.

Fritatta, Potatoes and Toast

I also ordered this bowl of fruit which had lemon and honey on it for Rio and Nick to share.  Nick didn’t want anything else to eat.  It takes him a little while to work up an appetite in the morning.  Rio loves cantaloupe!  Sorry about the blurry picture.  I’m a little self conscious taking pictures in a restaurant, so I just point and click really quickly with no re-do!

Fruit with Honey and Lemon

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 112

When we got home we hung out in the backyard for a while.  Our garden is looking pretty good. We have cauliflower, beets, eggplant, and tomatoes planted, besides the giant basil which takes up our whole other garden bed.  Two of the tomato plants are remaining from our summer crop, but I think only one of them is going to produce tomatoes.  The other one (back far left) is looking really weird and bushy.  I think something is wrong with it.

Garden Bed

This is a close up of some tomatoes on our “Patio Tomato” plant, the only new tomato plant we put in this fall.

Patio Tomato Plant

Here is a close up of a baby eggplant starting to grow!

Eggplant Starting to Grow

Our tangerine tree has 4 tangerines on it.  I guess that’s all we will get this season.  The tree is young, so I don’t think it’s supposed to produce a whole lot yet.

Tangerines on Tree

Rio played with her polar bear.

Rio and Polar Bear

Nick climbed around on the furniture like a little monkey.

Nick Climbing on Patio Couch

Ross and I had to leave the house at about 12:30 to head to the Cardinals game which was scheduled for 2:25.  It usually takes us about an hour to drive there, get in the parking lot, walk to the stadium, wait in line to get in, and get to our seats.  Today we had to leave extra early because some new shopping outlets opened right next to the stadium and traffic was out of control.  The Cardinals office actually called us a few days ago to tell us that we should leave early and I’m glad they did.  We made it with time to spare.

Right before we left I wolfed down a scoop of chicken salad (from Costco) on top of some spinach with red grapes, walnuts, and a few whole grain crackers.  The food at the stadium has proven to be mediocre, so I wanted to get something in me before we got there.

Chicken Salad on Spinach with Grapes and Walnuts

I didn’t take my sugar testing kit into the stadium with me, but I’m sure my numbers were decent with this meal.  The carbs were on the low side.  :) While at the game I had some peanuts, diet coke, and a few bites of Ross’ kettle corn.

We ended up leaving a few minutes early because the Cardinals were losing pretty badly, but Ross snapped this before we headed out.  You can tell a lot of the fans left before we did by the empty seats.  It was a sold out crowd.  This season has been so disappointing.  We started out 4-0 and the games were so fun.  Tonight’s game was fun for the first half, but then there wasn’t much to cheer for in the second half.  Hopefully the next home game is better!

Me at Cardinals Game

Ross’ Mom and Dad watched the kids while we were at the game.  We are so lucky to have them available as sitters.  They put the Costco chicken pot pie in the oven before we got home, so it was ready when we arrived.  We served it with the Costco spinach salad that we also picked up yesterday.  The pot pie was good, but it was short on chicken and long on crust.  I knew this plate was going to give my blood sugar some heck, but I was too hungry and tired to make something else.

Chicken Pot Pie and Spinach Salad

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 135  :(

I just had a piece of Babybel cheese and I forked a few bites of chicken salad for my night time snack.  I might have a few more grapes too.

On a totally off-topic subject, I just have to share a picture of the stamping that I did today on my nails.  I had this pink gel polish put on at a salon near my house on Friday night. One of the reasons that I like the gel polish is that it lets me practice my stamping skills.  I am terrible at it and it takes me so many tries that I need to be able to wipe it off again and again.  I can do that with non-acetone remover without damaging the gel.  I put this wavy dot design on the outer half of each of my ring fingers.  Isn’t it cute?  I didn’t get them on perfectly, but it’s one of my best attempts yet!

White Dots Konad Stamp

I dozed off for a few minutes again tonight while putting Nick to bed, which is a sure sign that I need to get to sleep at a reasonable time, so I’m going to head that way.  I hope everyone gets the week off to a good start tomorrow!