Playing Catch Up

Playing Catch Up


The past couple of days have been such a whirlwind and were so fun!  I spent Thanksgiving and the following day eating and hanging out with our family.  I gave myself a pass and did not test my blood sugar or write any posts during the festivities.  Today was about easing back into semi-normal eating, and this week I plan to get totally back on the horse.

Here is a fast and furious recap of Thanksgiving through today.

We planned to eat T-day dinner around 3-4 o’clock, so Ross made us a hearty breakfast of blueberry pancakes and sausage.

I never make pancakes that are not whole grain, so these white flour fluffy pancakes were quite a treat for me.

Blueberry Pancakes

He did the sausage on the grill and it was yummy!

Sausage Patties

My Dad, Ross’ Dad, and Ross’ brother Rex ate breakfast with Rio outside.  It’s been about 80 degrees in the day here, so eating outside has been pleasant, especially in the morning before the flies start to come out.

Dad, Bob and Rex on Patio

While Ross made breakfast, I got going on this caramel apple, cherry, and cranberry pie.  This was my first time making this one.  It was good, but I wouldn’t make it again because it was a lot of work and I didn’t think it was better than my favorite dutch apple pie recipe, which is much easier.

Caramel Apple Cherry Pie

In the early afternoon I put out the cheese balls that I had already prepared, along with some crackers.

Cheese Balls with Crackers

While I cooked away with the help of many family members, the kids had play time outdoors.

Rio Playing with Ball

Rio went through two outfits because she got into the ice chest and got all wet!

Nick and Rio Playing with G-Ma and G-Pa

Instead of mashed potatoes, this year I made parmesan au gratin potatoes from a recipe that I took from Better Homes and Gardens.  I was super nervous about them all day.  I was worried that they wouldn’t cook through in time, and worried that they wouldn’t taste good.  I thought the recipe might be a little short for our 13 people, so I doubled the batch.  I could have gone with a single recipe because the double batch was HUGE!

Luckily, they finished cooking just in time and they were delicious.  You are looking at about 8 pounds of potatoes and 2 pounds of hand shaved parmesan cheese, cooked with milk, cream, butter, flour, herbs, bacon, and various seasonings.  The only thing I would tweak next time would be to cut back on the butter.  They were on the oily side between all the cheese and butter.

Au Gratin Potatoes

Ross’ Mom Gloria made these sweet potatoes.  They were so good!  I love sweet potatoes.

Sweet Potatoes

Last year I used a different brand of stuffing than usual, and I didn’t like it.  This year I decided to stick to good ol’ stove top, and I added some sautéed celery and onions.


The green beans were cooked and then tossed with a bacon and brown butter sauce.  I think all of the healthy properties of the beans were sufficiently negated!

Green Beans

Gloria also brought this delicious ham.


Cranberry sauce is one of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes.  This one used orange zest and juice, as well as some chopped up candied ginger.  I liked it, but next time I would cut the ginger pieces smaller.  I also took this recipe from Better Homes and Gardens.

Cranberry Sauce

The bird!  It came out nice and brown.  I always brine my turkey in a 5 gallon bucket in the refrigerator the night before T-day.  I use Alton Brown’s Good Eats Roast Turkey recipe.

My Dad did an excellent job of carving the turkey with an electric knife.

Carved Turkey

The whole spread!  There were a lot of leftovers…..especially of potatoes and turkey.

We also had the apple/cherry pie, a pumpkin pie, a chocolate cheesecake, and a cajun cake for dessert, not pictured.

Thanksgiving Spread

After we stuffed ourselves and had dessert, most of the family decided to play poker on the patio.  This went on for quite a while and I think Ross’ brother Robert walked away with most of the money.  :)

Family Playing Poker

Nick couldn’t hang!  He crashed on the patio couch for a late nap.  This of course ensured that he was awake until about midnight!

Nick Asleep on Patio Couch

On Friday morning Ross made pancakes and French toast and sausage for breakfast.  For the rest of the day everyone grazed on leftovers which was great because we really whittled them down!

Ross’ niece Nicole posed for some pictures with her step-mother Angeles.  Pretty ladies!

Nicole and Angeles

Nicole’s Dad Robert wanted to get in on the pictures too!  He was in a playful mood!  :)

Robert and Angeles Being Silly

One good looking family!  I love these guys and am so glad they were able to make it this year!

Nicole, Angeles & Robert

Grandpa Bob (Ross’ dad) whispered secrets to Rio.  Whatever it was, she’s not telling!

Rio and Grandpa Bob

Rex helped Nick out with one of those sliding “put the numbers in order” puzzles.  I tried it the night before and couldn’t get it, but somehow Rex was a whiz at it.

Rex and Nick

Grandpa Phillip (my dad) and Rio enjoyed the sunshine.

Rio and Grandpa Phillip

Ross and my mom chit-chatted on the patio.

Mom and Ross

Then my Mom got dragged into the bounce house with Nick.  I think she is having more fun than him!

Mom and Nick in the Bounce House

Unfortunately, my Mom and Tom had to leave on Friday, and so did Robert and Angeles.  We got to keep Nicole and Rex for one extra night, but they headed out this morning.  I am so thankful that everyone took the time and made the effort to get here.  It’s so great when we can all get together!

Being Saturday, this morning was breakfast burrito day.

Fasting Blood Sugar = 121

Rio and I shared a machaca burrito as usual, and I ate some of the tortilla.

Machaca Burrito

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 108

I don’t know how the morning and afternoon went by so fast.  We played with the kids, and then Rio laid down for a nap while Nick headed out to the park with my Dad.

I ate lunch while doing some home financial work in Quicken.  I track all of our bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, etc. in Quicken.  I am mildly obsessed with it.  It’s the accountant in me!

I continued to chip away at the leftovers and had 1/2 of a turkey, mayo and cranberry sandwich on rye with some green beans. Leftover turkey is the best.

Turkey Cranberry Sandwich & Green Beans

1 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 139 (I barely skated in under goal!)

After lunch Nick, Rio, my Dad, Squirty, and I took a walk around the neighborhood and stopped by our small neighborhood park to play for a few minutes.  Then we all loaded up into the car and headed to Costco.  I wanted to pick up some meat for the next couple of weeks.  I also got some good looking raspberries, blueberries, and red seedless grapes, and a giant chicken pot pie for Ross’ parents to throw in the oven tomorrow while they are babysitting.  Ross and I will be at the Cardinals game which starts at about 2, so this will be an easy dinner for them to make while we are on the way home.

On the way home from Costco we stopped by Smashburger for dinner.  I had the Avocado Club burger with lettuce instead of a bun, and I shared some Smashfries with Ross.  The Smashfries have an olive oil, rosemary, and garlic seasoning.  The are deeeeeelish!  I forgot to take my purse with me, so I didn’t get a picture.

Nick and Rio were both falling asleep in the car on the way home, so I got them both into bed as quickly as possible, and while I was laying down with Nick I dozed off and missed my 2 hour blood sugar testing window.  :(   One good thing about having an emptier house is that Nick will be able to sleep in his bed tonight and he won’t have his feet in my face all night long!  He has been sleeping with us for the past few nights because we needed his bed for guests.

Tomorrow morning we will be driving my Dad to the airport. It won’t be too sad though, because he will be back in a few weeks for a longer visit over Christmas.

I just finished off a small bowl of ice cream (I said I was easing back into normal eating!) and a baby bell light piece of cheese.  I’ll be heading off to bed soon, as tomorrow is looking to be another busy day.  I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving and was surrounded by friends and family.