Pizza for Breakfast (sort of)

Pizza for Breakfast (sort of)

Fasting Blood Sugar = 115

Last night was a late night and this morning was an early morning.  This extra yummy breakfast helped to wake me up though.  It’s one of my favorites.  I call it Pizza Eggs!  It’s just eggs + egg beaters scrambled up with sliced turkey pepperoni and cheese.  Today I had cheddar but sometimes I use mozzarella or whatever else I have on hand.

Rio and I shared this and a piece of whole wheat toast (10g).  Somehow the toast dodged the picture.

Pizza Eggs

I also had coffee with sugar free peppermint mocha creamer.  It tasted very festive!

Pizza Eggs with Coffee

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 94

Rio kept dragging out my exercise DVDs… you think she was trying to give me a hint?

Rio Playing in DVD Box

I intended to have a protein shake for my morning snack and I even washed out the blender, but then I got caught up in work and forgot!  So, lunch was next on the menu.  The pickin’s are getting slim as the contents of my refrigerator dwindle down in preparation of the big Thanksgiving shopping trips.

This salad was made of romaine lettuce, spinach, leftover chicken strips, carrots, pears, chickpeas, and walnuts. I tried Newman’s Own Lite Honey Mustard dressing today because I couldn’t find Ken’s at the store.  It was also very good!  I’m on such a big honey dijon kick these days.

Salad with Chicken, Pears, Carrots, Chickpeas, Walnuts

I might have had a string cheese with this salad too.  I can’t remember!

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 112

Since I didn’t get a protein shake for my morning snack I decided to have it for my afternoon snack.  This one had frozen bananas, frozen blueberries, kale leaves, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and Sun Warrior Vegan Chocolate Protein Powder.  It was delish!  These kinds of smoothies make me think I could be a vegan!  :)

Protein Shake

I left the house at about 3:30 because I wanted to get some shopping done before I picked up the kids.  I got a new roasting pan at Home Goods, along with a few random groceries.  I love that place!  I also popped into Old Navy and grabbed some sweat pants for Nick.  The other day Ross dressed him in a pair from last winter, and they looked like capri pants!  Poor kid!  I should have taken a picture.

I also attempted to get some T-day grocery shopping done and my plan was to grab something easy for dinner at the grocery store.  I ran short on time though, and only got part of the way through my list.  I ended up grabbing some really random items for dinner…..see below.

Nick colored a turkey today at daycare.  He’s starting to stay in the lines more!

Nick's Turkey Craft

While I “made” dinner, Rio played with the toy lawn mower.  She finally figured out what to do with it a few days ago and now she loves playing with it.  Look at how her leg warmers fell down around her ankles…… looks like she is wearing little furry boots.  Cutie pie!

Rio Pushing Toy Lawn Mower

Ok, I am a little embarrassed to share what we had for dinner.  Not because it was so bad, but because it was just so bizarre.  I was imagining that I would pick up a piece of stuffed salmon or something like that at the grocery store, but I didn’t see anything like that and as I mentioned above I was racing to pick the kids up on time.  I was literally throwing stuff in the cart. So, I got some pulled pork, a california roll, a dynamite roll, and some prepared mac & cheese from the deli for the kids.  Canned green beans provided the vegetable component.  LOL!  At least everything was good. Oh, I also had a handful of peanuts, because they seemed like the perfect compliment to my pork/sushi/green bean extravaganza.

Pulled Pork, Green Beans, Dynamite Roll

I had to eat and run to make it to my book club meeting.  Tonight we discussed The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows.  I loved everything about this book!  It was probably my favorite book of the year.  I learned so much about Guernsey (part of the British channel islands) being occupied by the Germans in WWII. My e-book had extra information in the back with hyperlinks throughout the story.  It was sweet, funny, sad and touching.  There was a lot to talk about and the meeting tonight was a lot of fun.

I was planning to take my blood sugar testing kit with me to test my sugar at the book club meeting, but I forgot it.  So, we’ll never know how I handled this feast.  :(

When I got home Nick showed me his hula dance, which pretty much consisted of him waving his hands and saying “hula, hula” over and over again.  I tried to show him how to wiggle his hips, but he wasn’t feeling it.  :)

Nick Doing the Hula

The effort exhausted him and he told me that he needed to lie down and rest.

Nick Laying on Kitchen Floor

I’ve been nibbling on Kashi granola bar and some almonds as my night time snack.  Tomorrow will be another busy and and I am not looking forward to going back to the grocery store.  That place was a zoo today!

I’m watching tonight’s episode of The Voice right now, and I just love Terry McDermot!  He totally rocks!!!

Goodnight folks!  See y’all tomorrow.