Hitting the Ground Running

Hitting the Ground Running

This morning was a little hectic because we had plans to meet friends for breakfast at 8am.  It seemed like it would be so easy to jump up and get everyone dressed and get out the door.  But alas, we were scurrying out at the last minute and were about 10 minutes late.  It was worth the rush though.  Breakfast was delicious and it was so nice to see our friends.

Fasting Blood Sugar = 112

We had breakfast at the Wildflower Bread Company.  Ross and I had been there before for lunch, but I didn’t even realize that they served breakfast.  They have a really great menu.  There were several things I wanted to try but I settled on the Feta and Roasted Vegetable Fritatta which had eggs, eggplant, zucchini, red peppers, tomatoes, and feta cheese.  It was so good I forgot to take a picture of it until Rio and I had plowed through about half of it!  It came with toast and yummy home fries.  I ate a few bites of both, but not as much as I would have liked.  :)

Here is the picture. Warning…….it ain’t pretty.

Roasted Veggie and Feta Fritatta

Here is a close up of the delicious rosemary covered potatoes.  They reminded me of my mom’s!

Rosemary Potatoes

Nick thought he was being sly hiding behind me when I wanted to take a picture of him but I spun the camera around like a cowgirl and BAM….got the shot!  Ha!

Nick Hiding Behind Me

1 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 138   I wanted to take it before we got into the museum, so I tested it early.

After breakfast we headed over to the Phoenix Children’s Museum with our buddies.  This is such a wonderful hands-on place. There is stuff for kids of all ages to enjoy.  All of the kids had a blast.

This is an exhibit where you crank the spider or bird up to the top and a spinning fan hits him and makes him fly off.

Nick and Zoe Playing with Spider

Rio had to give it a go also.

Rio Playing with Spider

She loved the room with the balls that roll down the different contraptions.

Rio Playing with Balls

Nick convinced Ross to head into the noodle forest with him.

Ross and Nick go into Noodle Forest

The water painting table was a hit!

Rio Water Painting

Nick Water Painting

Rio Standing by Water Paint Table

These tubes have air blowing through them and you stick the colored scarfs in one end and watch them go all through it and then they fly out.

Nick and Rio Play with Scarves

In the center of the museum there is a huge jungle gym type thing which has all sorts of tunnels, ramps, etc.

Nick in Cage at Museum

Ross didn’t eat much at breakfast which was a good thing for me because he came home hungry and decided to take lunch into his own hands!  He made giant sausage patties which were soooooo good.  He and his parents used rolls to make sandwiches out of them.  I had scarfed a handful of cheese puffs a few minutes before lunch and thought I should steer clear of the bread, so I used some spinach and tomato and Ken’s light honey dijon to make a salad.

Sausage patty on spinach and tomato

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 94

I had some old dates that have been lying around for quite a while, so I decided to make these Raw Vegan Brownies with Raw Chocolate Icing, created by The Rawtarian.  They are basically made up of nuts, dates, coconut, and cocoa.  I had one with a string cheese for my afternoon snack.

It was hard to get a picture that didn’t look weird.  Here is my best one……..

Raw Vegan Brownie with Raw Vegan Icing

Since I didn’t get my act together and get a meal plan ready for this week, I had to scavenge around for some leftovers for dinner again.  I took the tilapia, broccoli, and cauliflower from Friday night and added a chopped tomato and a little chicken broth and lemon juice.  I mixed in some whole wheat angel hair, dusted on a little parmesan cheese, and called it dinner!

Pasta with Tilapia, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Tomatoes

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 105    :) I don’t know what it is, but my body handles pasta pretty well!

Now that we are only 4 days out from Thanksgiving and I have a to-do list a mile long, I probably won’t be grocery shopping for dinners through this Wednesday.  We will either be going the soup & sandwich route or eating out for the next few nights.  We have a lot of family coming over for T-Day and I am super excited, but I need to get busy!

Have a great week everyone!!