So call me a Twi-hard

So call me a Twi-hard

I woke up this morning thinking that it was a weekday.  When I looked at my phone and realized it was Saturday I was so happy!  I love it when that happens!  :)

Fasting Blood Sugar = 115   (see, yesterday’s 101 was probably not super accurate)

Saturdays are generally breakfast burrito days around here.  Ross decided to go back to Ramiro’s today and since their Machaca is not nearly as delicious as Senor Taco’s, I decided to try a different burrito.  I believe this one is called “The New Breakfast Burrito.” There is also one just called “The Breakfast Burrito.”  This one had eggs, bacon, and potatoes, which were really just soggy french fries.  They were not good.  The rest of the burrito was decent, and I smothered it in guacamole and salsa anyway.  I eat these with a fork so as to avoid eating most of the tortilla.  I do eat part of the tortilla though…..I just can’t resist.  Rio ate some of this and also some of Nick’s quesadilla.  Nick wasn’t very hungry this morning.

Ross made coffee, so I got to make a delicious mocha without bothering with the french press.  :)   I added a more reasonable amount of cinnamon today, and it was very good.

Breakfast Burrito

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 110

We didn’t eat breakfast until about 9:30 and I needed to leave the house at about noon to go see Breaking Dawn part 2, so I had this quick mini-meal before I left.  These were the leftover parmesan crusted chicken strips from last week.  Ross’ mom came over to watch Rio while Ross and Nick went out to get a flat tire on our van fixed, and I met a few of my book club members at the movies.   This snack was just enough to keep me from eating a big bag of popcorn at the theatre!

Chicken Strips and Pear

The movie was so good.  I’m so sad that this was the last one.  I love love loved the books and I didn’t start reading them until after I had already seen the movie Twilight, so the movie cast were always the people I pictured while reading them. I’ll probably go see it again soon with Ross.  He’s not a big fan or anything, but he did see the other four movies, so I assume he will want to catch this last one.  While the movie was starting I was reminiscing about seeing the first movie with Ross in Santa Barbara (it must have been in 2008 or so), and how different our lives are now.  We saw New Moon shortly after moving to Arizona in the fall of 2009, right around the time I was reading the books. Nick was just a little baby.  I can mark life milestones by the release of the twilight movies!  :)   It felt like the end of an era when the movie was over!

When I came home I ate a half of a slice of pizza and some peanuts to tide me over to dinner, while Nick got in some daddy snuggle time.

Nick and Ross on Chair

Brobee says Hi!!

Then Nick and I headed out to do a little shopping while Rio took her second nap of the day.

After taking a nice long nap, sister was all smiles and she was ready for dinner!

Rio Smiling  Rio Smiling

Ross and Nick had eaten a late lunch (the pizza) and I had the oddly timed mini-meals/snacks, so we decided to have a lighter dinner.  I cooked some chicken tenders and we had them over salads.  I made mine into a BBQ chicken salad by adding beans, corn, avocado, BBQ sauce, and ranch dressing. It was very good, although I overdressed it a bit.

I also had 3 pieces of a california roll that I had picked up at the store for Nick. He loves california rolls!

BBQ Chicken Salad

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 113

Nick told me a story about this pea, but I didn’t catch the whole thing.  He definitely was a bad guy and had to be smashed, but I’m not sure exactly why.  LOL!

Nick Holding a Smashed Pea

After dinner Nick and Rio had fun tearing up a piece of newspaper.  Nick would hand it to her and say “Here Mister,” and then when she grabbed it they would pull and tear it and then he would say “Hey, you tore my newspaper!”  This happened about 200 times until the pages were torn into tiny little bits!

Nick and Rio Tearing Paper  Nick and Rio Tearing Paper

Both of the kids were tired, so bed time went pretty smoothly.  I’m nibbling on a piece of cheese and I’ll have a few crackers too.  Tomorrow we have early morning breakfast plans with friends, and a trip to the children’s museum planned.  Fun times ahead!