Another Day at the Park

Another Day at the Park

A sneaky little snuggler worked his way into my bed last night!   He must have been dreaming because he came in my room talking about Kung Fu Panda.  LOL.  I mumbled “just get in the bed” and fell promptly back asleep.  Rio and I were up for a bit this morning before he finally got up.  This kid takes forever to fall asleep, but whet he’s out he is OUT.

Nick Sleeping in My Bed

Fasting Blood Sugar = 101  :)   This meter can be off by quite a wide margin, so I’m not toooo excited about this number, but we’ll see if I get some other similar numbers in the days to come.

Of course the carnitas from last night had to make a re-appearance for breakfast.  This was the last of the carnitas, with some scrambled eggs + egg beaters.  Pico de gallo was the crowning glory!  Yum.  Senor taco has the best food!

(I ate a few bites of Nick’s PBJ too)

Carnitas & Eggs

I usually don’t make coffee when Ross is not home, but I wanted to have a mocha with a big scoop of cinnamon in it, so I took out the french press and made only 1 large cup.  I don’t like using the french press because I like my coffee to be grit free.  I always run it through a coffee filter after taking it from the french press, so it’s just pretty time consuming.  I made my mocha with the coffee, half & half, special dark cocoa and splenda and then I added a little too much cinnamon.  It was drinkable though.

Coffee in French Press

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 108

Squirt is so funny.  She loves to stick socks in her mouth and then she roams around the house (or yard) whining until she finds a place to “bury” them.  She usually puts them under a blanket or a pillow.  This morning she had a big mouthful!

Squirt with Socks in Mouth

After breakfast we attended a Thanksgiving potluck with our playgroup over at Estrella Mountain Ranch.  The kids had a good time.

Sissy kept wanting to sit on the bottom of the big kid slide.

Rio on Slide

Nick came zooming down and crashed into her.

Slide Pile Up

Then it turned into a full blown pile-up!  :)

Nick also had a good time head diving on the baby slide and testing out the monkey bars.

Nick on Slide Head First  Nick on Monkey Bars

I didn’t really eat “lunch” today.  I nibbled throughout the potluck while feeding Rio. We had some turkey, sweet potatoes, corn casserole, cheese, and pepperoni bites.  A few hours after I got home I made this protein shake, so I will consider this my official lunch.  However, I did not test my blood sugar after drinking it.  It was somewhat modeled after Ani Phyo’s Cacao-Coconut Energizer (from “Raw Food Essentials”) and it had frozen banana, cacao nibs, flax, almonds, water, and a scoop of Sun Warrior chocolate protein powder.  I paired it with a string cheese.

Chocolate Coconut Smoothie

I didn’t get as organized for dinner as I wanted to, so I rummaged through the freezer to see what I could pull together.  I was able to quick-thaw some tilapia and shrimp in a bowl of water.  Nick loves shrimp!  I made a picatta-ish sauce to go on top.  I also steamed some broccoli and cauliflower then put it in a casserole dish with a little butter, garlic salt, and a light sprinkling of mozzarella and parmesan cheeses.

Tilapia, Shrimp, Broccoli, Cauliflower

The tilapia totally broke apart while I was cooking it, which is why it looks so messy. Rio and I shared this, but she didn’t have any shrimp.  Her pediatrician said to hold off on shellfish for now.

2 hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 101

Tonight before his bedtime Nick and I were talking about the Spanish words he knows.  He said ” I know arriba and abajo,” then he says “what about Chicago…is that a Spanish word?”  LOL!

I just finished a snack of one Nature’s Valley Granola bar with a couple of slices of cheddar cheese.  Ross should be home in about an hour and I am looking forward to having a nice family weekend. And, I am hopefully going to see Breaking Dawn part 2 with my book club.  So exciting!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Friday everyone!  WooHoo!