Hot Diggity Dog!

Hot Diggity Dog!

Mondays!  Ugh, right?  Nobody likes them.  This was  a bit of a hectic one for me because I had to take Ross to the airport in the middle of the day.  I’m not complaining though….at least I’m not the one sitting on a plane for 4 hours and missing my family!

Fasting Blood Sugar = 115

As soon as the Nickster got out of bed he wanted to color on the new toy he got from Grandma yesterday. He slept about 12 hours last night, so he woke up ready to have fun!

Nick Coloring with Markers  Nick Stretching

I convinced him to tell me the story of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff on Video.  He is so cute!

Nick telling the story of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff

For breakfast I sliced up a little bit of ham and heated up some of the french toast left over from yesterday.  It was equally yummy today!!

Ham and Eggs wth French Toast

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 113

The morning went by quickly because I had a few things I had to get done for work.  I knew that Ross and I were going to have a late lunch at the airport, so I had a good sized morning snack.  I threw some ham, mustard, and lettuce on one piece of whole wheat bread (12g/slice) and also had this big juicy pear.

Half Ham Sandwich and Pear

We ate at one of the restaurants in the airport.  I don’t remember the name, but it was pretty nice!  It was fancier than most of the restaurants around our house.  I felt like we were having a date night!  I accidentally left my camera in the car, so I had to snap a couple of pics with my phone.  Speaking of phones……I’m in the market for a new one.  I can’t decide if I should get the Samsung Galaxy S III , or if I should wait to see what these new Windows phones are going to be all about.  :/

Ross at Airport Restaurant

Miss you honey!

We ordered the Del Mar Salad and some Chicken Nachos to share.  The Del Mar Salad was delicious.  It had lettuce, shrimp, crab, pico de gallo, and olives with a thousand island-ish dressing.

Del Mar Salad

The Chicken Nachos were HUGE!  They were from the appetizer section so we were surprised at the size.  We also wanted to try the deviled eggs because we thought it was so unusual for a restaurant to serve them, but they had just run out.  Bummer!  It was a good thing in the end though, given the size of these nachos.  I tried to maximize my topping to chip ratio in order to eat only about a handful of chips.

Chicken Nachos

It was sad to say bye to Ross, but I know that a week flies by pretty quickly.

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 108

The traffic was heavy on the way home and by the time I got back I only had about an hour and a half to get a little more work done before picking up the kids.  I was in a little bit of a rush and didn’t have much time to think about what we were having for dinner.  I told Nick we were having hot dogs (his favorite), but I hadn’t planned a side dish.  We usually have a pretty relaxed menu when Ross is out of town and we’ve been known to eat some strange combos when we are flying solo.

I whipped up this fruit dip which I adapted from a recipe I have on Pinterest.  The original recipe calls for vanilla greek yogurt peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon.  I didn’t have vanilla greek yogurt but I had one small tub of Oikos caramel, so I used that.  I put in about 2 TBs of peanut butter, a heavy shake of cinnamon, and a couple squeezes of honey, to taste.  It was soooooo good!  I had a hard time keeping Nick out of it for a few seconds to snap the picture.

Yogurt Peanut Butter Dip

We dipped apple slices in it.  A perfect combo!  :D

Cut Up Apples

And voila!  A side dish!

Apples with Yogurt PB Dip

It’s not exactly gourmet, but it worked!   The hot dogs I had were these big giant Costco dogs left here by Ross’ parents.  I’m generally not a big hot dog fan.  They kind of gross me out actually, but I will have one now and then.  Sometimes I buy the vegetarian dogs or vegetarian polish sausage, but then nobody else eats it so I end up throwing some away, which I hate to do.

Rio and I shared these (1.5 giant hot dogs).  Nick ate one and a half of these bad boys on his own.  The kid takes after his daddy when it comes to hot dogs!

Hot Dogs and Apples

Rio ate a little bit of the apples, but opted for the pouch to get her fruit servings!  She can suck one of these things down in like 30 seconds.  It cracks me up!

Rio Eating Fruit Pouch

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 104

Rio had taken a late nap from about 5:30 to 6:15 when I woke her up to eat dinner, so she was a little tired and cranky for the rest of the night.  She did have fun looking at her Brown Bear book and playing with her baby doll (baby Tori.)

Rio with Brown Bear Book Rio with Baby Doll

I could tell she was ready for bed when she went into the laundry room, pulled out a sleep sack, and started sucking her thumb.  That is a clear sign!

Rio with Blanket

Night night!

I’m going to go grab my nighttime snack (kiwis and either almonds or cheese) in a few minutes and then try to get in a few pages from my new book club selection – Hunk for the Holidays!  I’m not joking….it’s a real book.  Look it up!  It is an all women club after all.  :)   Our other December pick was on the long and heavy side, so this was the light read to balance it out.  I’m hoping it’s at least better than A Christmas Wedding by James Patterson, which we read last December.  That was a total bomb!

Later skaters!