Souper Squash!

Souper Squash!

Hello everyone!  We had a nice relaxing Sunday and enjoyed the day with Ross.  He is heading to Florida tomorrow for work so we will be missing him this week.

Fasting Blood Sugar = 114

Breakfast was a real treat today.  Ross converted the raisin bread that we got from WalMart last night into delicious french toast.  He makes the best french toast!  Sometimes we get the cinnamon or blueberry bread too. They had a pumpkin cobbler bread that I almost got instead of the raisin, but I wasn’t sure if Ross would like it.  I know I would though!

French Toast in Electronic Skillet

Nick said he wanted bacon to go with the french toast, so bacon it was!  Rio and I also had some eggs.  I could only eat one slice of the french toast (25g), so I needed the egg to round it out.  I figured my after breakfast number would be on the high side after this.

Eggs, French Toast & Bacon


2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 99    Yay!  :)

Luckily we had about 6 slices leftover which I froze.  It’s so easy to pop these into the toaster during the week.

After breakfast we put the kids in the stroller, the dog on the leash, and headed out on a walk to Ross’ parents house.  Nick likes to walk part of the way and ride part of the way, so we took the double stroller.

There was all kinds of fun to be had at Grandma’s house.  Rio wasn’t sure what to make of the weasel ball that rolls itself around on the floor.  She thought maybe she would hide by Daddy and check it out from a distance.

  Rio Hiding by Daddy

Nick loves to read books with Grandma! Today they played with a sticker book.

Grandpa, Rio and Squirty  Nick and Grandma Reading

(I don’t know why these little pictures keep showing up crooked. They don’t look that way on the draft page.  It’s driving me mad!!!)

We couldn’t stay too long because Rio needed a nap and I needed to check my blood sugar from breakfast.  For lunch we had leftovers again.  Ross went for the pork chops, Nick had meatballs (hold the spaghetti) and I took the salisbury steak.  It was all mixed up in the container with the leftover broccoli/cauliflower mash and corn.  it looked a little funky, but tasted very good!

Leftover Salisbury Steak

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 93

While making lunch I chopped up a butternut squash and some peppers and onions, to be used in tonight’s dinner.

Cubed Butternut Squash  Peppers & Onions

Nick was helping Ross with some manly task or another in the garage, so Rio and I headed to the backyard for some fun.  She had a good time putting a water bottle in the cup holder of this chair about 100 times!  She was very serious about it.

Rio Outside by Chair with Water Bottle  Rio by Chair with Water Bottle Outside

While out there I also tested out my new e-cloths on the living room and kitchen windows.  One of the cloths in my starter pack was a glass/polishing cloth.  I’m not sure if it worked better than other rags, since I haven’t washed a window in years!  Ross said it did a good job given that I only used water with it. I think he was just shocked at my effort and was trying to be nice.  :)

Ross’ parents came over tonight for dinner.  We had roasted chicken breasts with peppers and red onions, served with baked (and by baked I mean microwaved) russet potatoes.  Also……

Roasted Chicken Breast, Peppers, Baked Potato

Butternut squash bisque!  This was probably my favorite part of dinner.  Both of these recipes were taken from Saving Dinner the Low Carb Way, by Leanne Ely.  Please excuse the ugly disposable bowl!  :D

Butternut Squash Soup

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 125

I wish today was Saturday!  The weekends go too fast.

I am just finishing up my nighttime snack of Oikos caramel greek yogurt with one half of a Nature Valley crunchy granola bar on top.  Both of the kids went to sleep early tonight and I am overwhelmed with the possibilities…..should I read a book, watch TV, make a grocery list???  I should probably just go to bed since the kiddos will likely be up earlier than usual tomorrow.

Until tomorrow…..goodnight folks! Let’s have a great week!  :D