Lazy Saturday

Lazy Saturday

Hello all!  Before I get into our day I just want to post a hilarious picture of Nick from last night.  It makes me giggle every time I look at it.

LOL…that’s my nerdy birdie!  I love him so much!!

Ok, on to the details of our Saturday -

Fasting Blood Sugar = 123        I had a feeling it would be higher than usual today because I woke up feeling tired and thirsty/dehydrated.  It’s funny the things that can have an effect on our blood sugar.

We decided to try out the breakfast burritos at Ramiro’s this morning.  Usually on Saturday mornings we get breakfast burritos from Senor Taco, and they have the best machaca burritos!  So I decided to try to machaca burrito from Ramiro’s.  It wasn’t as good as Senor Taco’s, but it was decent.  Rio and I shared this.  I used a fork and only ate a few bites of the tortilla.

Machaca Burrito

Ross made coffee today, so I washed this bad boy down with a homemade mocha.  I add a little half and half to the coffee, with a big spoonful of Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa, and a big spoonful of splenda.  Delicious!


2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 97!  Yeah!  I guess I could have eaten a little more tortilla.  :)

I can’t resist throwing in this picture of Rio getting stuck in a box.  Silly girly!  Is it wrong that I took a picture before helping her out?  She was a little bit ticked off!

Rio stuck in a box

We had breakfast a little later than normal, so I didn’t have a morning snack, but I did decide to give my IngenuiTEA a spin.  I bought this a few months ago when it was too hot to think about making a lot of hot tea.  It’s a plastic cup with a strainer type device on the bottom.  You put loose leaf tea in with your hot water, let it brew, and then sit the IngenuiTEA on top of whatever cup you are using.  When you sit it on the cup it causes the IngenuiTEA to release the tea through the strainer.

IngenuiTEA Brewing

Here is a picture of the box.  I also bought a sampler set of loose leaf teas.  The nut and spice sampler includes Hazelnut, Almond, Vanilla, and Oriental Spice.  I decided to try the Oriental Spice.

IngenuiTEA Box   Adagio Nut & Spice Sampler Box

Here is the IngenuiTEA on top of my cup.  I probably shouldn’t have taken the picture with the sunny door behind the clear plastic! I added a splash of half and half and some splenda of course, and it tasted pretty similar to the chai lattes that I’ve been making from the Tazo teabags.  I felt good about not having to toss out all those teabags.

IngenuiTEA on Cup

I got an awesome delivery in the mail today.  We ordered this canvas print from Rick Sharp a few weeks ago, to be displayed next to another one of his prints that we have.  We used to see his art at one of our favorite restaurants in Santa Barbara when we lived there.  When we made the difficult decision to move, I wanted to get one of his prints to remind us of “home.” We love the one we have but we have a large wall to hang it on and thought that two prints would fill the space so much better.  Rick was great to work with, and he even offered to change the border of the picture to match our other print.  We decided to keep it the original orange/gold color though.

Santa Barbara Canvas Print

Here is a picture of the print that we already had.  (Thanks Mom for buying it for us!)  I’ll post a picture when we get them on the wall, but we are planning to put them above some custom cabinets & bookshelves that we are having made, so we won’t hang them until that project is done.

Dawn Patrol Canvas Print

While Rio was taking her nap Ross decided to bust out the various RC toys and let Nick take them for a spin!  Fun!

Nick with RC Car 2  Nick and Daddy with RC Boat

For lunch I used up the leftover turkey breast from the other night and added some deli ham, lettuce and cheese, to make a quick Chef Salad.  Some Ken’s light honey dijon topped it off.  I also had a few bites of Nick’s PBJ sandwich.  That was my carbs!

Chef Salad

While I was making the salad I couldn’t get that song by the Meat & Cheesy boys out of my head. Remember them from the commercial?  Meat cheese meat cheese meat and that’s it……..

Some refreshing water topped it off!

Water on Coaster

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 107

After lunch we got bundled up and headed to WalMart to pick up a few things.  It was cold today!  The high was somewhere in the low 60s I think.  It was breezy too…….brrrrrrr.  I love it! After we got home the kids were up to their usual zany antics!!

No good could come from this scenario…..Nick Attacking Rio with Jump Rope

Yep…..this was bound to happen!  Boom!

Nick and Rio Fall Down

Then it was Rio’s turn to make funny faces for the camera.  Her little SpongeBob teeth are so cute!

Rio close up with teeth   Rio funny look

While I made dinner we set Nick up to watch Ice Age on the projector.  Please excuse the mess on the floor.  The bags and boxes were my way of blocking off the area where our new cabinets are going to be installed, to get a feel for how the new spacing will be.  And the toys…….well, those just never seem to go away no matter how many times we pick them up!

Ice Age on Wall

Nick requested spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.  I was a little worried about how my blood sugar would react, but I remembered a few times being pleasantly surprised by my “after spaghetti” numbers while pregnant, so I had high hopes.  I always use 100% whole wheat pasta, so that should help somewhat.  Rio and I shared this.

Spaghetti, Meatballs and Salad

Of course Rio was impatient to get started.  Mind you, she had 2 bananas, some goldfish, and a string cheese in the hour before dinner!  She must be going through a growth spurt.  She has been waking up hungry and wanting to eat all day!

Rio Reaching for Dinner

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 123     Not bad considering the pasta!  Also, I may have taken a few bites of Rio’s dinner roll. :)

I just finished a bedtime snack of some roasted peanuts, and a half of a slice of raisin bread that Nick didn’t finish earlier.  We got the raisin bread for Ross to make french toast tomorrow. Yum!  I’m going to have to limit myself to 1 piece, but it will be good.

I’m looking forward to another chilly, lazy day tomorrow.  I’m catching up on The Voice from this last week as I type this.  I don’t really have a favorite yet.  I like them all!

Goodnight everyone!