Feasting on Leftovers

Feasting on Leftovers

Finally a cool and cloudy day!!  It was also pretty breezy, so I actually got chilly this morning and this evening while we were on the patio.  I think we’ve turned the corner!  No more high 80s until next spring (hopefully.)

Fasting Blood Sugar = 118

We had quite a few leftovers piling up in the fridge, so I sliced up a piece of leftover ribeye and added it to our scrambled eggs + egg beaters this morning.  I topped mine with sour cream and salsa. Yum!  I wanted a tortilla to go with it, but I decided to be good and stick to a piece of whole wheat toast.

Scrambled eggs with steak and toast

It was another chai latte kind of a day!  I know this is true because Ross even asked me to make him a second one.  We’re flying through teabags over here.  I should buy stock in Tazo!

Chai latte

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 110

It was so nice out after breakfast that we decided to go outside and play for a little while before heading to daycare.  Rio likes to stand in the doorway for a little while before she comes out.  I think she is a little afraid of the step, but she always makes it through fine.

Rio in doorway   Rio playing with water bottles

Nick kept throwing this big red ball at me when I tried to take his picture!

Nick outside  Nick with big red ball

I lost track of time this morning, and forgot to eat my morning snack.  The timing is one of the hardest things about sticking to a diabetic diet.  My dietitian wanted me to eat approximately every 3 hours.  When I was pregnant and following the diet really closely I would often miss my morning snack time and end up in a situation where I had to try and decide whether to go ahead and have the snack then and have a late lunch, or eat an early lunch and then two snacks, etc.  It’s harder than it sounds!

Ross and I ate lunch outside on the patio today.  It was very nice out, but there were a few too many flies for my liking.  For lunch we had a leftover buffet.  I chose the chicken from Tuesday night and a whole wheat roll.  I also cut up some veggies and made a ranch dip from greek yogurt.  I love greek yogurt ranch dip!  Every time I make it I think to myself that I should have it more often.

Chicken with Roll

I must be the only person in the world who has trouble taking a good picture on a nice day outside in natural light, and with a decent camera.  I’m taking a short photography class at the end of the month.  I need it bad!

Veggies and Protein Ranch

Ross and I shared these.  The radishes were from my Nature’s Garden Delivered box, and they were really good…..not too hot.

complete lunch

A fine meal in the great outdoors!

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 121

While we were outside at lunch I snapped a couple pictures of our garden, including:

The HUGE basil that I am constantly cutting back -

Basil plant

And the other garden bed which has a few tomato plants, some eggplant, beets, and squash -

Garden Bed

Two of the tomato plants (back row far left and far right) are left over from the crop we planted in the spring and ate in the summer.  They almost died off by the end of summer, but then started coming back as the weather began to cool off, so we decided to keep them and see if they will produce tomatoes again.  My mom says no, our pool guy says yes.  We should get some kind of betting pool going here.  They do look pretty good and they have some flowers, so we’ll see.

For dinner Ross cooked some boneless pork chops on the grill, and I roasted some carrots with a little bit of salt, pepper, and maple syrup. I also roasted some chopped up chard with feta cheese and walnuts.  And last but not least…..

Mac and cheese in ramekin

Some good ol’ kraft mac & cheese!  For the kids of course ;)

Pork chop, chard, carrots

Ross did a great job on the chops.  They were very juicy and delicious!

It seems that I had a few too many bites of Rio’s mac and cheese because…..

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 138 (yikes!)  No piece of candy for me tonight!  :(

The best part about dinner was Rio showing off her new kiss blowing skill!!! I saw her do it for the first time this morning when I dropped her off at daycare.  She is soooooo sweet!  By some miracle I was able to get her on camera doing it again tonight.

Rio blowing kiss   Rio blowing kiss

Isn’t that just about the sweetest thing ever?!?!  <3

After dinner I decided to go cut off a piece of basil and put it in a vase.  The flowers are pretty and I’m hoping it will make the kitchen smell like basil.  Plus, I have a never ending supply of it!!

Basil flower in vase   Basil flower up close

The evening was capped off with helping Nick build a lego zoo, and him telling me a bedtime story about his friend named Baloony who flew far far away.  I just had a bedtime snack of deli ham slices, cheese, and 2 flat bread crackers.  I wanted to keep the carbs at 15 or less since my after dinner number was on the high side.

Maybe I’ll read a bit while Ross watches the Sopranos.  We recently changed from Cox Communications to Direct TV and he’s been experimenting with the on-demand feature.  He downloaded 65 episodes of the Sopranos to see how much space it would take up in the DVR.  It was only about 20%!  I am impressed.