Rio’s Future is So Bright

Rio’s Future is So Bright

Rio woke me up about 30 minutes earlier than normal today, and I was surprised at how dark it still was outside.  I won’t miss the heat, but I am starting to miss the long hours of light.

Fasting Blood Sugar = 120

Breakfast today was scrambled eggs mixed with egg beaters, topped with american cheese. Nick calls american cheese “square cheese.” He inhereted a love for it from his momma.  Last night he was hungry when he went to bed because he didn’t eat much of his dinner, so he was ready to chow this morning!  He told me he wanted eggs, sausage, and bread with peanut butter.  :)   He got everything but the sausage.  We had whole wheat toast and some sliced up pears to go with the eggs. It’s hard to tell exactly how much of each I had because I made everyone’s together.  Rio and I shared these eggs and pears.  She had her own toast.  I got the booty bread! (the heel)

Eggs, toast and pears

I also mixed it up today and had a London Fog Latte rather than a Chai Latte.  (using Earl Grey tea instead of chai) WooHoo…I’m really letting my hair down!

2 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 115

The monkeys needed baths after breakfast. When it was time to get out Nick said he couldn’t because he was taking a nap. That looks like a pretty uncomfortable pillow.

Rio watching Nick in the bath    Nick being silly in the bath

Rio couldn’t leave until she got her (my) sunglasses on!  Daddy couldn’t even get any goodbye hugs and kisses because she was so obsessed!  Hey, a baby has to look cool at daycare, right?

Rio with sunglasses     Daddy and Rio with sunglasses

For a morning snack I had a pear and a string cheese. I got a couple of hours of work done, and all of the sudden it was time for lunch.  We went with Ross’ parents to a mexican fast food-ish type restaurant called Ramiro’s.  We had never been there before.  A friend of ours recommended their breakfast burritos, so we might try them this weekend.  I looooove machaca & egg burritos.  Today I had their taco salad with chicken and a diet coke.  I didn’t eat the big fried shell, although I did take a nibble out of it.  It wasn’t that good, so not too hard to resist.  The rest of the salad was good though.  I didn’t realize that it had rice in it until I got near the bottom.  I did eat the rice, so I wasn’t sure how that was going to affect my blood sugar.  It wasn’t a whole lot of rice, but it was white rice, so you never know.  The “salad” was pretty good, but I would have liked some extra lettuce and tomato.

Ramiro's Taco Salad

Ramiro's soda cup

2 Hour After Meal Sugar = 115   Yeeee-haw!

The afternoon was a regular ol’ boring one made up of work and laundry.  On the way to pick up the kids I had to run in the store and pick up these beauties:

3 Bell Peppers

One of the advantages of working from home is that you can start dinner early.  After lunch I had roasted a turkey breast that I needed for tonight’s dinner which was a Mediterannean Turkey Skillet (another one from the awesome Saving Dinner cookbook.) It had roasted turkey breast, artichoke hearts, olives, onions and garlic.  Yum!  I made a mix of purple and regular russet mashed potatoes to go with it.  I only had a couple of purple ones, so I had to add the russets.  Nick decided that he does not like purple mashed potatoes…..only white.  Of course! The next time we have regular mashed potatoes he will probably tell me he only likes the purple kind.

Mediterranean Turkey Skillet

1.5 Hour After Meal Blood Sugar = 102  :D   :D   The mashed potatoes did not ruin me!  Ha!

After dinner I put Rio to bed and headed over to a friend’s house for a short girls’ night.  It was so much fun!   Thanks to Anna for inviting me and for hosting a wonderful evening. While there I snacked on a veggie tray, some cheese and crackers, and a mini-quesadilla wedge.  I also had a glass (or two) of Verde Raspberry Sparkletini.  That stuff has pretty much no alcohol, but it’s so tasty and festive.  :)

Now Ross and I are relaxing for a few minutes and watching Sons of Anarchy.  This season is SO crazy!!!

Adios friends!