Testing 1, 2, 3….

Testing 1, 2, 3….

After reading and reading many articles online about how to create blog posts in WordPress, browsing through WordPress for Dummies, and spending many days being confused I decided I need to jump right in and create a post.  So, here it is!  Post number 1!!!!!  Hopefully I’ll work out any kinks as I learn how to use this software.  I’m diving in.

Fasting bood sugar this morning (taken about 8:30am) = 120

Ok people (lol…people…as if there were people reading this besides my mom. Hi mom!), 120 is not a good fasting blood sugar.  It’s a short hop away from a diabetes diagnosis is what it is.  I believe a fasting number of 126 is grounds for diagnosing diabetes.  :(   Well, hopefully I can get this number down by managing my diet and shedding a couple of pounds.

Breakfast was an egg mixed with about .5 cups of egg beaters and a couple of handfuls of spinach.  I stirred in a spoonful of pimento cheese to melt in toward the end.  Sadly, the pimento cheese was finished off today, which is probably a good thing.  It was leftover from a book club event that I hosted last weekend and it was delicious.  While it was low carb (cheese, cream cheese, mayo, pimentos, jalapenos, and spices) it was not exactly health food.  I used this recipe from allrecipes.com.  Southern Pimento Cheese

While I was making breakfast, an un-named troublemaker was playing in the recycle bin.  This is why we need a recycle bin with a lid, but the ones I see at the stores are always too small.

Rio busted playing in the recycle bin

It wasn’t me!


Rio and I shared the eggs.  Nick had a PBJ.  He usually opts for an egg but decided to switch it up today.  Oh, Rio and I also split the crusts from Nick’s sandwich.  PBJ crusts are the best!

Spinach & Pimento Cheese Eggs

I washed this down with a chai latte

Chai Latte   Chai Latte from top

I finally figured out how to get enough chai deliciousness into my latte.  I used 3 (yes 3!) teabags (Tazo).  This is a pretty large mug.  Using 2 teabags was giving me a pretty weak brew.  I added a splash of half & half, and a spoonful of splenda.  Delicious!  It tasted just like the kind you make using the store bought concentrate which is loaded with sugar.

Rio was impatient while I was trying to photograph the food:

Rio is mad and hungry

But she got over it once she had the eggs in her mouth!

Rio eating her eggs



True to character, Nick didn’t want to pose for a picture, even for mommy’s first blog post!  So, I’ll get revenge by posting a picture of his crazy bed-head hairdo. That’s fair.

Nick avoiding the camera

Nice hair Nick! xoxoxo


Squirty was patiently waiting for Rio to drop her a bite.

Squirty sitting by the highchair

Feed me!!! Please!


I tested my blood sugar 2 hours after breakfast.

2 Hour After Meal Sugar Level = 94

Not bad, but not great considering I had very few carbs for breakfast.

The kids went to daycare, I got some work done, then had a smoothie for my morning snack.  I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1 scoop of Sun Warrior Vegan Chocolate Protein Powder, 1 scoop of Amazing Grass Green SuperFood (chocolate), approximately 1 frozen banana (I freeze them in chunks), and a handful of frozen blueberries. Yummy!

Lunch was a half of a ham and cheese sandwich on 1 slice of whole wheat bread (12 grams/slice) with mustard, and a small bowl of vegetarian Chili that I made for the book club party.  I followed (pretty closely) this Emerill recipe.  Emeril’s Vegetarian Chili  It was quite good, with a dollop of sour cream mixed in. The dollop didn’t make the picture.

Ham Sandwich Half  Bowl of veggie chili

A glass of water rounded out the meal.  Ross is from Ohio, thus the Ohio State Tervis Tumbler.  I love Tervis Tumblers! They are a must have item in the summer.  No sweating glass!

Sandwich, Chili, and Water

2 Hour After Meal Sugar Level = 124

My afternoon snack was a small brownie and 2 stalks of celery filled with the last of the pimento cheese.  A moment of silence for the pimento cheese please…….

After some more work and a little house cleaning, it was time to get the kids.  Rio laid down for a late nap while I made dinner.  I must have been really hungry because I forgot to take a picture of dinner before eating it.  So, here are a couple pictures of the leftovers.  :)

Indian Skillet Chicken in Pan    Whole wheat dinner roll

We had Indian Skillet Chicken from my favorite cookbook in the world, Saving Dinner the Low Carb Way by Leanne Ely.  Check out her website here. It is organized by week and includes a weekly shopping list.  It makes meal planning so easy and I often rely on it.  I made the whole wheat rolls a couple of days ago using this recipe:  Soft 100% Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls  They were very good and quite easy to make. I find that 100% whole wheat rolls are difficult to find at the grocery store. The chicken was lightly floured and cooked in a pan, then a sauce was made from a little white wine, chicken stock, fresh tomatoes, and garlic.  Basil from the garden was added in at the end.  I’ll have to get a picture on here of my basil plant.  It is HUGE!

We also had fresh sauteed green beans.  You’ll just have to picture those on your own.  They looked green-beany.

2 Hour After Meal Sugar Level = 129

Did I forget to mention that I had a little bit of honey on my roll???  Well, I did, which explains the 129.  It was wonderful local desert honey given to me by my mom’s husband Tom.  (Hi Tom!)

I just polished off my bedtime snack which was an Oikos fat free caramel yogurt (17g) with a sprinkling of buckwheat groats and a crumbled up graham cracker (6g).  So good.

Well, that’s all folks.  My first blog post!  I feel so accomplished.  Hopefully there will be lots more to come!!!!!!!!!!!!